3 Healthiest Meat Substitutes


Meat supplies the body with the protein it needs, but its intake can cause high blood cholesterol levels. Doctors often recommend eating foods that are also rich in protein and other nutrients, but do not contain the dangerous cholesterol.


Nutritionists recommend including seaweed, lentils, and nuts into the diet. Experts explain that algae help to regulate blood sugar levels and improve brain function, lentils are rich in vegetable protein as well as vitamins A, B and C, and nuts improve memory, give strength, and help to recover from colds and bronchitis.

Note that nutritionists do not say you need to change your eating habits for vegetarian. However, from time to time choose vegetable protein over meat. Moreover, experts say that non-animal protein should prevail in the diet. The advantage of vegetable protein over animal protein helps avoid inflammations, restores blood cells, tissues and bones, forms antibodies. Besides, vegetable protein products contain less fat that increases cholesterol. Doctors advise to replace a juicy steak for a serving of, say, lentils, three or four times a week.

However, scientists note that with certain health problems, even healthy foods can do harm.