25 Important Psychology Facts You Should Be Aware of

Here is an exciting list of 25 incredible psychological facts, which you’ll want to tell your friends about because they are very true.


There is no other creature on the planet, which is more mysterious and unique than a human being. We are all very different, but still there are some common features that unite us. That is what we are going to talk about.

  • A sense of being permanently occupied makes people happier, it helps them feel useful to others and keep a positive attitude. Remember this the next time you will want to complain to someone about a ton of current tasks.
  • We all know about the seven deadly sins, but few people know the six universal emotions that are experienced by all people without exception. These are happiness, anger, sadness, fear, disgust and surprise.
  • Chocolate lovers are ready to sell their heart and soul for a sweet bar, and we can understand them. When we eat chocolate, the body receives dopamine, a substance causing a feeling similar to that of love. Feel free to eat chocolate to compensate for the absence of a loved one.
  • Tired people tend to be more honest. If you feel that you’ve reached your limit of strength, it’s best to keep your mouth shut, who knows what you may say.


  • During an ordinary 20-second embrace, the body produces a special chemical that helps to develop more trust in the person you are embracing. It seems we have found another reason to embrace more often.
  • “Oh my God, where is it, where is it, where?” – that is probably how you cry in panic when you cannot find your smartphone in its usual place. And no wonder: scientists say that the emotions caused by gadget loss are similar to near-death experiences.
  • Logic starts working better when we think in another language. Remember how strained your brain is when you are trying to find a word in your word stock that best characterizes what you are trying to say. Exactly.
  • Sleep securely: there has not been a single case of schizophrenia in blind people. Well, at least someone in this world is normal.
  • Another piece of news from the world of psychiatry: middle school students have the same level of anxiety as an average psychiatric patient in the 1950s. So if your child clings to the foot of the bed and does not want to go to school, he or she can be understood.
  • We’ve heard that Internet addiction is going to be included in the long list of mental disorders. Let’s google it – what if it’s already done? Then it’s on the same list with drug or addiction and alcoholism! If you’re affected by any of the issues mentioned above, there are a wide range of services that offer help, such as this private psychiatrist in London or another city you live in.


  • Our brain perceives rejection as pain. Perhaps Jim Carrey was right when he urged everyone to say “yes”.
  • Our mind is roaming about 30% of the time. Feel free to bring this as a counterargument to your boss.
  • All of our most vivid memories are most likely false. And it’s sad.
  • We are motivated even by the illusion of progress. Dream more often: thoughts are material.
  • Note: multitasking is bad. Besides, you are not Julius Caesar, so there is no need to take on such a huge bunch of things at once.
  • As old Freud would say, our subconscious is always the first to make a decision.
  • One hundred and fifty is the number of people we are able to maintain stable and close relationship with. No more.
  • A psychological fact, which emanates recursion: when you remember an event from the past, you actually remember the last time you remembered it.
  • Much information is easier remembered when broken into small portions.


  • A relationship is much more useful for your health than regular visits to the gym. But who said that these two things cannot be combined?
  • Bullies are often people with low self-esteem.
  • 80% of all our conversations consist of complaining about hardships of life. And for someone, this figure is 100%.
  • Volunteers, as well as all people who voluntarily help others, are more satisfied with their lives.
  • Another fact about fatigue: you become much more creative when you feel a lack of energy. Sure, you need to come up with a decent excuse for your idleness.
  • Memories are distorted overtime. However sad it may be, each of us has at least one deliberately false memory.
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