Vertical Indoor Garden Iharvest Grows Veggies Twice as Fast

In order to have organic fresh greens and vegetables on your table, it is no longer needed to work in a kitchen garden. The company IGWorks has created a hydroponic vertical garden Iharvest, which will be a worthy decoration of the house and will allow you to grow 30 types of greenery, vegetables, and fruits. The development is located in an area of 0.25 square meters.

Throughout the year, Iharvest will provide its owner with a variety of fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, beans, etc.), leafy greens and fruits, including strawberries and watermelons. As IGWorks representatives say, the crop ripens in Iharvest 50% faster than outdoors. Moreover, 20 times less water is consumed, and it is possible to abandon herbicides and pesticides.

The manufacturer has provided a special design for the cultivation of cucumbers with pumpkins. The system is completely automated, it needs 70 watts of electricity. Full-spectrum LED lamps allow users to control the cycles of sunset and sunrise on their own.

The inventors of Iharvest posted their development on Kickstarter, and they have already raised substantially more funds than they originally planned. The home garden is sold for $500 dollars, and in retail it will cost $850. Included are the seeds, 50 cups of soil, and a set of nutrients. The new product will go on sale in September this year.