SolidAlliance Crazy Earphones Collection

With the coming of spring the atmosphere is getting warmer gradually, sending out signals that a time of total blooming is almost upon us. Some of the nature’s most impatient fellows have already started to shoot out, and industry followed suit. The company that has started growing spring harvest is SolidAlliance, and the place they want their goodies to grow up is our ears.

Crazy Earphones by SolidAlliance

In a less ecological language, SolidAlliance has launched a headphones series dubbed the Crazy Earphones – they clearly want fun to bloom with the increasing warmth too. Oddballs and everyone who doesn’t mind looking a bit funny are offered plants (and less pleasant things) cut in half with each half sticking out of your ear attached to an earphone piece. You will be hard put to it choosing among fungus growing out of your head, a banana or an arrow appearing to go right through your brain. Bolts have not been forgotten with Frankenstein Bolts. There are also Ikura Fish Eggs, Cat Paw and Ear, providing you with an extra pair of nice yellow ears smaller than what you already have. Strange no-one thought of giving us two extra pairs, each smaller than the one before.

Crazy Earphones by SolidAlliance

Did they make you smile? Care to wear them in public or when with friends? Just pay $45 for the spring growth pleasure.

Source of the image: Geekstuff4u, Technabob.