Move Fitness Tank Top Controls Your Workout

Here comes the time you can spare for a workout, and you want to get all it can give you. How will you set about it – call your personal trainer to ask if he or she has time for you? Or start to look around for one available? And what if you would prefer to save money? Is there a way to watch over your body during a workout without a trainer handy?

Designer Jennifer Darmour of Electricfoxy thinks one should have more freedom in this but with all necessary information available. That’s the idea behind her Move – a body tracking piece of sport clothing with built-in electronic gadgets. It has stretch-and-bend sensors to get the data about the way you move and maintain the correct posture – should your posture become twisted out of the right position, you will get a reminder from your Move garment!

Besides, Move can be connected to a mobile application enabling you to note all your movements in detail thereby assessing your performance (an especially helpful feature for doing Yoga or Pilates to make sure you do everything precisely).

Information on the price and availability is yet to come.