Best Month for Getting Pregnant

It turns out that the chance of getting pregnant depends not only on individual peculiarities of men and women, but also on the time of year. Scientists have calculated in which month the chances to conceive are the greatest.

Pregnant Belly

British gynecologists claim that the summer months are the period of the easiest conception. The best time for conception is June. Another interesting fact is that the pregnancy, which was initiated during the warm season of the year, proceeds more smoothly, as evidenced by statistics.

So, in June, the chances of getting pregnant are by 25% higher than in other months. The thing is that activity and mobility of sperm reaches its peak at this time.

On the contrary, summer months are the most inappropriate ones for delivery. In June, July and August, would be mothers suffer from their pregnancy more than during fall, spring or winter.

By the way, according to another study, most conceptions take place in December!

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