Women's Trick to Get a Shopping Discount


Men run around in search for a better bargain and pay in cash. Women – it emerged from a recent study – stay and get their bargain by employing purely female means.

Woman asfter shopping

A study commissioned by UK-based Promocodes that questioned 3,000 shop goers came up with the fact that 80% of women habitually flirt in stores for a discount.

The next time you’re in a shop look around, and you are sure to see a woman adjusting her hair, catching the assistant’s eye, smiling and giggling while requesting that the price should be brought down. Now and then over 50% of women managed to get their desired item without paying anything at all!

10% of women admitted to having resorted to flirting in an attempt to save a pound or two during the last month. And they have a good reason to – the results say the average shop flirter can save up to £150 a year, a figure that would be much higher if we include free drinks in a bar.

This is understandable considering the present-day economic situation, said Promocodes’ Alex Attinger in his comment. There’s nothing wrong with a spot of flirting since it pays, and pays well; also driving a good bargain ranks pretty high in women’s pleasure list.

Source of the image: Photl.