Women Understand Others’ Emotions Better

Women are more successful at decoding the signals that the face and body of the person next to them send.


The psychologists from Edinburgh University have found further evidence that women are better at reading and decoding the interlocutor’s emotions. To do this, they set up an experiment: a group of volunteers (men and women) was shown a series of pictures and then they were asked to answer several questions concerning the characteristics of the people depicted in the photographs. At this time, the volunteers’ brain was scanned.

The responses of the men and women were almost the same when it came to the sex and level of education of the people in the photos. But the question about the degree of “accessibility” caused serious discrepancies in the responses. Men found it highly difficult to answer this question, and they needed much more time. Scanning of the men’s brain, conducted at this moment, showed a strong flow of blood to the areas of cortex, responsible for emotions and opinions. For the stronger sex, it proved to be a difficult task. The women coped with it easily.

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