The UK’s Newest Beauty Invention – Bottled Breast Gel

Just introduced onto the British market is a wonderful gel for women that is announced to increase breasts. Created by Rodial, it is supposed to hold up fat cells that circulate about the body and make them stay in breasts, thus enlarging the bust size by half a cup and provide extra firmness. Daily application of £125 ‘Boob job’ gel, Rodial says, is sure to lift the boobs and add up to 2.5cm to their size.

Rodial Boob Gel

The gel is claimed to be approved by actresses Scarlett Johansson, Kelly Brook, Eva Mendes and by Victoria Beckham. There may be a chance of our ascertaining the quality of the wonder gel if we keep close watch over these ladies’ breasts in the following months.

Rodial Boob Gel

A spokesman for Rodial called their new product “a fast and safe alternative to expensive and painful breast enlargement surgery” and added that the company takes immense pride in the “boob job” seeing the gel as an excellent means for many women to change their lives for the better.

Source of the image: Dailymail, Perfectly-polished-nails.

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