Men to Live as Long as Women


Male life expectancy is far lower than that of women. However, it is possible that by 2030 the gap will have been reduced substantially.

Elderly woman
Even today, there is a tendency among men for the increased life expectancy. Scientists believe that these changes can be explained by the fact that men have begun to take care of their health. In particular, they quit smoking and are less likely to work in hazardous industries. In the 1920-s, about 80% of men smoked, and the diseases related to the smoking habit had reached their peak by the 1970-s. Today, men increasingly quit smoking, whereas among women this trend is still gaining momentum.

According to the author of the statistical study, Professor Les Mayhew, male life expectancy has increased for six years during the past 20 years, and if the scale does not go down, men will catch up with women and will live as much as women over the next 20 years.