Love Pill

Love PillA new sensational discovery seems to be around the corner. If scientists are successful at proving that what we call love is no more than a biochemical reaction, the magic elixir of love will be as real as Dr. Pepper. If biochemical nature of love is proven, it will lead not only to disillusionment in romantic ideals. It may also mean green light for love drinks available for sale.

Recent issue of Nature Magazine features an article on new studies related to this problem. Professor Larry Young from Emory University, Atlanta, GA, claimed he’d found chemical elements that could induce the feeling of love. The experiments showed significant chemical changes in brains of lovers.

Some scientists are saying that “love pill” could be based on oxitocine. This hormone is known to be responsible for sexual desire, the sense of trust and self-confidence as well as helps to fight fears. It is the fact that people with high oxitocine levels tend to trust other people and are more generous with money.

Scientists believe that oxitocine could make people more emphatic and help overcome phobias and shyness.

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