Breast Gets Perfect Support via Breform Mesh

Scientists are nothing if not humans, and female breast draws their interest in a fashion quite similar to ours. Only, of course, with an inventive twist to it. So, in an attempt to help the fair sex stay sure of the shape of their breasts, they came up with an idea that women can wear a bra under the skin.

Breform Mesh

Imagine – no implants, but a mesh support (called Breform Mesh) that goes under your skin and maintains the shape no matter what.

With Breform Mesh there will be no need to fear for your breasts when you give birth or undergo radiotherapy. It’s somewhat alike to a procedure in hernia operations.

Breform Mesh inserted

This is a feather in the UK’s hat and there are six British surgeons who received special training to insert the supportive mesh. The costs revolve around the sum of $9,000 and a long way under or over.

Source of the image: Gizmodiva.

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