Adult Film Producers against Safe Sex

American producers of adult films are suing Los Angeles authorities for the right not to use condoms during filming.

Sex and Health Facts

As explained by the BBC, members of the City Council of Los Angeles passed a law last year demanding that the actors of adult movies should use condoms in order to protect themselves from the spread of HIV and AIDS. However, the Vivid Entertainment film company filed a lawsuit challenging the decision: according to the representatives of Vivid Entertainment, the innovations violated the constitutional right for freedom of expression.

California porn magnates claim that the use of condoms during filming is unnecessary: the already existing rules on protecting actors from infection are strict. It is unclear if the Vivid Entertainment company is going to achieve the desired result because the use of condoms by porn actors can be considered as a way of promoting safer sex.

On the other hand, feature films may also include the scenes, when kissing people, blinded by their passion, move on to the next level and forget about barrier devices. Should such movies be banned too?

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