16 Life Hack Tricks

Everyone may already know that life hack is a set of techniques and methods of “hacking” life to simplify the process of achieving goals through various tips and clever tricks.


Life hackers usually do not create new methods, but just use the existing ones. The movement of life hackers has allegedly originated among computer geeks. The term “life hacking” was invented in 2004 by British journalist Danny O’Brien. In 2006, the American Dialect Society named life hack one of the most useful words after the podcast.

Geniusbeauty.com is sharing 15 life hack tricks with you, which will simplify your life at home.

  1. It is easy to check your breath for odor: lick your wrist, wait for a few seconds and then smell it.
  2. In order to rapidly cool a drink, wrap the bottle with a damp paper towel and place it in the freezer.
  3. Toothpaste is a great tool for cleaning headlights.
  4. Do contact lenses become dry? Close your eyes and soak the eyelids with water.
  5. A plain dental floss (without any liquid or flavors) is a perfect tool for cutting cakes, cheese and other soft foods.
  6. Place your credit cards “upside down” in the wallet – it will be easier to pull them out.
  7. Put a piece of cayenne hot pepper on the aching tooth, and the pain will subside.
  8. Spread the mince before freezing to make the bag flat, and it will defrost quicklier and more evenly.
  9. Use antiperspirant on your feet before you go jogging or if you have a long walk. This trick will help keep your feet warm in winter and protect against blisters.
  10. Garbage bags can be stored in containers for wet wipes.
  11. To remove scratches on furniture, you just have to rub the surface with a nut kernel.
  12. Press the skin harder on the place where it itches. The blood flow will reduce, and the irritation will weaken.
  13. Put a couple of tea bags in a bag with sports clothing or in the shoes to get rid of an unpleasant smell.
  14. Close the nostrils with cotton swabs before you cut the onions. This will help avoid tears.
  15. Nail polish can be used to label keys.
  16. When shopping, use your headphones to prevent shop assistants from bothering you.
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