Brain Game. God Given

Beautiful SkyHere is an interesting brain game. God gives it to people twice absolutely free, but if they want to have it for the third time, they have to pay money. What is it? Please, if you want to solve yourself, be careful and do not look at the comments of this post, because someone could have already written the solution there. Good luck!

You will find the solution in the next brain game. You are always welcome to ask questions about the task, in case something is not clear. But sorry, I will not answer leading questions.

Here is the solution of the previous brain game: your first trip should be with the goat, then you return alone and take either the wolf or the cabbage, cross the river, leave it on the other bank and return with the goat. Then you can leave the goat, take the remaining item and bring it to the other river bank. After it you return alone and pick up the goat. All three items are on the other bank.

The correct answer to the previous riddle was given by Anon, Jake, Linda, John, Richard, Peggy, Marvin, Karen, Omid, Coleen, Dyanne, Steve Sjurset, Mano-man, Ben, Jed Hawk. Well-done! I hope, you will solve this riddle as well.

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