Why Date Someone from a Different Culture?

Love between two people of different cultures is a notion that sounds undeniably thrilling and fraught with excitement. Just the thing for those who have decided that they know everything love has to offer and are inclined to take a jaded view of their prospects. Seeing or living with someone from a completely different culture may seem to be a difficult thing to swallow in the first place. Still, it can hold out exciting compensations and provide unexpected benefits. So, if you are closely interested in trying to date a guy hailing from some other place on the earth, see if you are aware of all the repercussions that you will lend yourself to – and the experience to be had.

You create your own mini-culture by combining both

As your relationship moves into its most serious phase and you begin to discuss living together, you will have to take into account your original cultures and religious beliefs. By noticing the differences between your two cultures you’ll self-reflect a lot, analyzing and comparing the traditions of your own culture. Quite often, people dating someone from a different culture rethink their own habits and adopt new ones. To some extent, they optimize their own life this way.

But the people who will best benefit from such an arrangement are children – multicultural upbringing is sure to help them grow into understanding, sophisticated and bland men of the world.

You will deeply learn a new language

The process of learning a language does rightly seem a very demanding proposition for many people, but here you have quite a different thing: you could learn another language by immersion, with little trouble, during your conversations on everyday matters.

While getting closer to each other and getting the grasp of your partner’s language, you begin to understand them better and socialize with their relatives and friends. But you can also develop yourself professionally and socially while gaining an edge over your work competitors or impressing others with your mastery of the language.

You will increase cultural perception

Living in a close relationship with a completely different background, you get their customs and notions rubbed off on you, broadening your mind and stimulating interest to other peoples‘ lifestyles. Staying within a company of your own background, you could hardly become as enthusiastic about other cultures as when your partner is (sometimes literally) worlds apart from you.

You share a lot of new ways and habits (also in bed)

Culture is something that goes very deep, and things we generally associate with it – like architecture, cuisine, festivals – are but superficial. Other people think differently, move about their daily tasks, touch others, receive others also differently. They also love others in unaccustomed ways.

Some of their customs may be totally contrary to yours, so explanation and even some history may be needed for understanding. Yet, sharing is sure to enrich both of you and make your lives more satisfying.

And if we’re speaking about the intimate aspect, you’ll also surely learn some new things!

You will be becoming more impervious

The likelihood of running into somebody who will voice doubts or even badmouth your choice of another culture partner is quite high. There is no pleasing every single person, so you will have to learn to shrug it off and go on with your partner as best as you can.

What could be more difficult is dividing your time among your families and friends, and this way some disappointments might lie causing a number of arguments. But if your bond is strong and you can thrash out your disagreements, differences will make your union even stronger.

Try new and real foods from another country

Now if you believe that you know exotic food well for having patronized your neighborhood restaurants, come off it! You’ve surely heard that sushi we know in the Western countries differ a lot from those served in Japan. Cuisines taste best in their own country, while we have our local versions of famous dishes.

Seeing a person born and bred in another background, you stand a good chance of tasting authentic dishes as they are prepared in their native place. Your dinner table will be as rich as never before, and your palate will discover new pleasures.

You will originate mixed cultural traditions

As you will proceed to blend your two cultures, there will appear totally new customs and traditions created by you two, which will be the source of your special pride and delight.

You will get twice as many holidays

If you adore all things partying, two cultures are going to provide you with a lot more occasions to celebrate. Each of you will have fresh holidays with special exotic features. The only problem is that you may have too many days for celebrations – but it’s up to you to choose days for fun.

You develop personal flexibility

As you get really close to someone from a different culture, the accustomed ways you set about daily tasks will fade away quickly. Both you and them will have the pleasant task of discussing, adapting, engendering mutual motions, and mapping mutual spheres. Also, interactivity will have to be worked out.

Compromises are sure to pave your way along, at least at the initial stage; besides, they are bound to change your outlook (finally making a better person of you and cement your relationship). These ingresses of a different culture are really a rich source of personal development and boost multicultural awareness.

And the personal flexibility you’re constantly developing in such a multicultural relationship will, in turn, help you cope with such issues, too. Thus, it also stimulates personal growth. What we have in the end is a circle or compromising and personal development.

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