How to Stay Close to Loved Ones During the Pandemic

Human beings are social creatures, which makes social distancing so difficult for many. So in light of the coronavirus, you might find it difficult to keep up with the important people in your life.

So how can you strengthen your bonds when apart from each other?

Consider the tips in this article so you can stay close despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Link Up on Zoom Chat and FaceTime for Gatherings and Just Because

Technology has been many people’s saving grace during the pandemic. The ability to seamlessly jump on a Zoom chat or FaceTime with several people at a time makes social distancing a little easier.

These platforms are advanced enough to let you chat back and forth with people for any occasion. You can get together for happy hours, game nights or just to catch up.

Seeing people’s faces and expressions adds more personality to the chats and context that you just can’t get over the phone. You can schedule gatherings and “outings” just like you would if you were going to meet up in person.

Send Little Gifts to Show People What They Mean to You

Don’t be afraid to go the extra mile to show people that you care. Everyone likes gifts, so take the time to let the people you love know that you’re thinking of them.

You can send people flowers from for special occasions or just because. A colorful flower arrangement creates an amazing impression and keeps the warmth in your relationship.

Grab Some Stationary and Write Letters

Now is an excellent time to revisit old school values. Buy some stationery, grab a pen, sit down, and start writing some letters.

In a world where technology reigns supreme, a letter will really stand out and create a different impression. The people that you love will enjoy collecting letters as keepsakes.

There’s nothing wrong with modern communication, but when you sit down and write a letter, it puts you in a different type of thoughtful frame of mind. Having a pen pal will make you gleeful about checking the mail every day.

Start Group Chats That Keep You Bonded

Once again, seamless technology is helpful at strengthening personal relationships when you use it the right way. Create different group chats with the people in your life so you can talk to each other at any time of the day.

Maybe you’ll have a group chat with your family members, co-workers that you used to see at the office every day, or your old friends from college.

A chat lets you stay in touch with people with up to the moment communication that is speedier and more efficient than text messaging.

Stay Close With These Social Distance-Friendly Bonding Tips

These tips will help you stay close to the people that you love the most. With the ideas in this article, social distancing doesn’t have to feel so distant.

Use these points to get through the pandemic by bonding with the most important people in your life.

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