Divorcing at a Young Age and Health Risks

The scientists at Michigan State University have published a report in the Social Science & Medicine journal, saying that divorcing at a young age causes more damage to health, than divorcing at a more mature age.

Having analyzed the statistical data on the health of more than a thousand Americans, sociologists have found that people of mature age (44-50 years) usually have more stable indicators of health after the divorce, than the young people, who separate at the age from 35 to 41 years. It might seem interesting that during the marriage of these people, their health indicators do not change much. That is, the well-being and the occurrence of certain diseases is affected by the divorce itself.

The author of the study, Associate Professor of Sociology, Hui Liu believes that young people need more social and family support, as they often fail to cope with the stress associated with divorcing. Mature people, on the contrary, sometimes even feel relieved after the family separation, because, as a rule, they used to be unhappy in their marriage. This is the main reason for divorce.

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