Beginning Again: How to Keep the Conversation Flowing in a New Relationship

The beginning of a relationship can be really exciting, but it can also become tiresome very quickly. If you have come out of a long-term relationship and are used to the ease of conversation with one person, trying to regain that sense of familiarity with another might be a bit tricky. It doesn’t have to be, though, and the biggest part of meeting a new person is working out how you click.

1. Ask Questions

If you’re asking questions, you’re finding out about the other person, and this is incredibly important in the beginning – you want to know whether you’re compatible. Find out about what they like, about their family, or where they’ve travelled, and you might just run into a similarity that will keep you talking for ages.

2. Stick With It

The rise in popularity of dating apps such as Badoo has made it even easier to meet lots of new people and we’re often inclined to give up on one person as we know that there are many more out there. If you stick with it for a little while, you might just find something out that you never knew before. Maybe that person has a secret they’re just waiting to tell the right person!

3. Don’t Be Shy

The tendency when meeting someone new can be to hide our true selves and just make small talk. Don’t be afraid of chatting at length about your interests when asked. After all, the beginning of a relationship is about getting to know one another. However, there is a difference between sharing your interests and only ever talking about yourself, so be sure to ask questions too!

4. Don’t Message After a Drink

We’ve all been there. The sloppy 1 am text is cute when you’ve known each other for a while; however, you might end up saying something that you regret and there’s nothing more offputting than a late night drunk text when you’re first starting to talk. You might even find that a dry date is a great way to get things started as neither of you will be using alcohol as a crutch and you can get to know one another without the temptation of getting absolutely trollied.

5. Find the Time

We’re filling our lives with more and more activity, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to focus on things wholly. You might find that your messages are reducing to one-word answers, which never makes for great conversation. Try to save your response for when you’ve really got something to say, and you won’t burn the conversation out so quickly.

Remember, whilst it can feel tricky to meet new people, it’s actually easier than ever thanks to dating sites and apps. Stick with it and you’ll find that the conversation flows in no time. You might even end up with your soulmate.

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