7 Romantic Things Every Man Will Love

You don’t have to go out on a limb – on the contrary, showing your favorite man that you like him is a fairly simple task. It takes just a bit of consideration and care, but it can go a long way in a relationship. Here are some pieces of advice from an expert!

Order a drink

A sure shot if you agreed to meet up at a bar and you came first. Even more so if he’s going to be late and sends you texts that show he’s in a hurry and likely to come in flustered. And here you are, waiting for him with a drink you are standing! Nice beyond words! Plus you show that you know what he likes to start the evening with – a beer, a malt or a glass of wine. If it’s an occasion that you regard as in any way special, order a drink in the same vein, but one that is a step beyond his usual preference. This will tell him instantly that you mean to have quality time tonight!

You arrive with a dessert

You have moved in with him, or maybe you intend to walk in on him for the night. What can be easier than dropping into the nearby bakery and pick up a dessert you know for sure he will enjoy? If it’s late enough, he’s sure to have taken his supper, but he will be happy to see you have him on your mind. Then again, who will refuse to share a dessert even if it’s latish?

Make small items work again

You can bet there is something at his place that is out of order and has been out of order for some time. He isn’t going to use the bag with a broken zipper any time soon and he will come round to fixing it when he has use for it; but why don’t you take care of it for him and get it to a place where they will put it right for a little money? He will be grateful you do small favors for him and the fixed thing will be there to remind him of you and how you value his time and effort.

Bring flowers to his place

You sort of don’t give flowers to him because it’s traditionally the other way round; you can do it for yourself to make his apartment cozier and comelier. He will appreciate it and will delight in nice smell too.

Self-made cards

He didn’t want to leave you just then but it was a business trip he couldn’t forgo. He would have liked to take you along, but that was not to be. He will start to miss you from the word go, and what could be cuter than to find in the pocket of his jacket or in the suitcase a handwritten card wishing him a comfortable journey and successful negotiations. You can be sure he will stow it away for keeps, and you can provide him with a full collection of self-made cards for any big occasion to remember you by.

Perpetuate his signs of love

At the early stages of your dating he must have sent you some verse, a song of love, a meaningful quotation or a message that is distinctly his own. Transfer it into a unique work of art. Write it out with a flourish, paste an image, put on his name and date, and have it framed. It’s obvious how much you appreciate his expressions of the lovin’ feelin’ and will be enticed to do more of the same.

A special surprise date of love

Plan a special kind of date well ahead without telling him it will be different. Let him think you’re going on a usual date, but you will have a surprise in store for him based on his interests or hobbies. It could be a car show, a concert of his favorite band, a wine or whiskey-themed trip. Then he knows that you have his interests in mind and are with him on them. What could be stronger to show you care for him? You two may get into a habit of arranging surprise dates for yourselves.