6 Sex Experiments You Should Never Try

Six years ago, a tragedy occurred in the United States – Toby Taylor accidentally killed his wife Kirsten, electrocuting her with a cord from a hair dryer. It turned out, the couple wanted to diversify their sex relationship, “recharging” each other with electricity during sex. That day, the husband exceeded the voltage, and his peculiar sex games turned fatal. Unfortunately, such stories are not uncommon.


Human psyche is capable of synesthesia – confusing and mixing different systems of perception. For example, insatiable people tend to confuse hunger and loneliness. In case of dangerous sex, a sense of self-preservation is confused with arousal. This is possible because the neurons of the brain responsible for self-preservation and procreation are linked and actively cooperate. We have selected 6 most dangerous sex experiments, during which it is better not to confuse self-preservation with arousal.

High voltage

Fans of such extreme sex claim that a small discharge during intimacy is incredibly invigorating and sharpens the senses. It is not a rare hobby, by the way. It is so frequent that special electrical appliances have long been sold in sex shops. They are designed with minimal current strength so that the lovers could not hurt each other, as Taylor from the United States did to his wife. However, even small voltage can lead to respiratory failure, cardiac fibrillation and adversely affect the nervous system. So let us leave the electricity to bulbs, and we will be turned on with safer things.


Everything connected with candles reminds us of something romantic and cinematic. Soft fire light, hot candle pouring wax on a beautiful belly… and you get burns of varying severity. Those who apply oil on their body to make the process more erotic get burns that are even more serious. We’re not talking about spoiled sheets and linen, as these sex-experiments make it very difficult to remove wax. So if you still want to play with wax, go to a sex shop. They sell special candles with low melting temperature so that the wax will not be so hot. Drip it onto your beloved husband’s back from the height of 40-50 cm above the surface of the skin so that it has time to cool down a bit.


Since we are talking about fire and candles, we should mention pyrophilia. If your lover lights too many candles around before sex, pulling you closer to the fireplace (or any source of fire), and is easily aroused after sitting at the campfire, you may suspect him of a seemingly innocent sexual deviation – arousal from fire. It would be ok if sex experiments were limited to candle flame. However, it soon gets insufficient, and people begin to set on fire to everything available. They think it safe to burn old newspapers in the middle of the room and hope to extinguish the fire quickly after the extreme sex. However, we know what these games might end with.

Twin club

Some lovers, in search of new sensations, copy everything that is performed by movie stars on the screen. This is where fun begins! Unfortunately, films creators do not write a warning in the corner of the screen during erotic scenes: “Do not try to repeat.” The audience does not know how many extras were holding the actress as she was beautifully and passionately kissing the actor on the brink. For example, the main erotic scene in Basic Instinct was shot as long as six days to make the actors’ every movement most erotic. We often take most incredible directorial findings at face value and mindlessly try to bring them to life. As a result, at best, we get disappointed. More often – we get strains, sprains and bruises.

Sex in inappropriate places

It is rather crazy sex with a fair amount of stupidity. How else can we explain attempts to make love on a construction site between a protruding rebar and concrete blocks? Or how about pleasure with the prospect of a heart attack – sex in the sauna? Or young people’s favourite deadly game of having sex in a car at full speed? You do not need to be explained what these sex experiments end with. You need to stay reasonable even in moments of mad passion. Do not repeat the mistakes of lovers, for whom the most memorable sex turned out the last one. A bouncer and a stripper from Condor Club in San Francisco decided to make love on top of the piano. The instrument was used in the bar for half-naked girls to come down and dance for drunken guests. Then the piano was lifted again and hung from the ceiling. The lovers accidentally brought the lifting mechanism in action. As a result, they literally soared to heaven, crushed against the ceiling by their unusual bed.

If a couple does not get enough excitement in sex, it is not necessary to go to extremes. First of all, we recommend to diversify sex life, bring in a something new, unusual, something you have not tried before. For example, change the setting, buy sex toys, visit sex-skill courses, where you can learn new techniques and surprise your partner.

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