16 Useful Facts about Men’s Bodies for Women

Men not always knowing how to treat different parts on women’s bodies make a subject of many girl-to-girl conversations, but the truth is women are not totally aware of the intricacies about men’s bodies either. Even those who are sure they know a male body perfectly may miss out on a thing or two. That is so for the simple reason of men tending to be rather reticent about their bodies. Many of them, when asked how they could explain to a woman what it is like to be a man, failed to come up with an illuminating answer. Nevertheless, there is an answer, and more than one, to be unearthed. Since both sexes are interested in learning as much as they can about each other’s bodies, this article listing 16 facts about male bodies may come in handy at most unexpected times; here is what men would like women to know about their physical peculiarities.


Men’s bladders are larger

Now and then there is a man springs up who accuses women of always wanting to go to the bathroom. Not the best of habits, that, but men start thinking about it because women really have to go and pass water more often. Although, as is scientifically proven, guys drink more beverages, their bladders are more capacious, so they don’t need to go empty them very frequently. So, there remarks are unfortunately scientifically true, while being quite vexing. On the other hand, women can cite science in sparring over bathroom visits.

Manspreading is a psychological necessity

One of the really outstanding features of being a guy is this manspreading thing. Many of them say they need a lot of space when they sit down. Once again, it may be exasperating as men take up space they don’t really need (at least to our minds) on a public vehicle; what men insist on is that they spread their legs not in order to assert dominance or be willfully irritating. According to them, it is just a matter of taking a comfortable amount of space for sitting.

Men don’t know what cellulite is


Life is unjust, because men are immune from cellulite! It is an extremely annoying bit of information, the more so for those 85% of women who statistically have it, yet it’s true, men’s bodies somehow resist cellulite. With men it’s more of the muscle, whereas with women it’s more fat; besides, women have less connective tissue and their skin is generally thinner. So, fat shows more and comes out as cellulite.

Actually, there are some males who do get cellulite, only it’s a very rare occasion for them. And if they do, they mind it less than women.

Men listen with only a part of their brains

Women’s eternal claim is that men never listen properly, their listening ability is inferior to women’s. And then, when this issue comes up, men always say they were listening, even when it is blatantly untrue! Maddening. Once again, researchers say it is really so: while listening, men employ but a part of their brainpower. FMRI machines that map out the brain showed that as a woman starts to listen, all of her brain starts functioning, while with a man, it’s only about half of the brain that reacts.

Therefore, there’s nothing to be done about it, but speak little, slowly and sweetly if you want to be heard and understood.

Drawing attention to male genitalia

It is something like a craze with some men to twiddle their genitalia, or rotate them as if they were helicopter screw propellers, or draw them whenever they get a chance – or attract attention to them in any other way they can. When asked, men can rarely say why they do it, but the answer is pretty obvious. It’s natural for animal species to have males showing themselves off to females, and that goes for human beings as well. Besides, maybe men could do with some extra stimulation for their favorite toys.

Men are aggressive due to testosterone


Aggressiveness is strongly associated with the male population, and though there are exceptions, nobody is going to deny that. This trait develops because of the hormone called testosterone which produces a potent effect. There are two peak periods when men get a goodish supply of testosterone. First they get it during pregnancy, and it makes babies display male qualities; the second testosterone burst comes during puberty and makes boys grow into men. What’s more, it makes them way more aggressive. Another thing is men generate less oxytocin compared to females (except when they are in climax), which doesn’t make them milder.

Men are not so high on testosterone as you may believe

Apart from the two testosterone boosts, men don’t really have such a great amount of the hormone as a rule. Its average content in an ordinary healthy male up to the age of 40 runs from 350 to 1,000 nanograms in a deciliter of blood; if you pour it into a shot glass, it will hardly be perceptible. Incidentally, it is a proof of the hormone’s great potency.

Drinking alcohol is bad for men

Hire caterers and cocktail waiters if you have the budget available
Hire caterers and cocktail waiters if you have the budget available

We all love a drop of alcohol to get us high and overcome our inhibitions, but once we get too much of it on board, it can get us down. The truth is, alcohol works as a depressant and decreases the testosterone amount. Men don’t have too much of it in the first place, and alcohol makes it even less. So, when you are bent for a little game between the sheets, go easy on spirits, or it may ruin your sexual performance.

Kegels are good for men

While kegels was regarded as mostly women’s concern, they’re helpful for men as well. Generally men and women have different body parts to take good care of, but in this case men can get health benefits too, for instance developing the muscles that can control urination. Leaking is a woman’s problem chiefly, but there’s no reason why men wouldn’t do well to strengthen their defenses in this respect. In addition, kegels can improve men’s ability to climax which would be boon for all. What lasts for about six seconds with men, can last up to four times more with women, and that remains a grave consideration.

Men fight the aging process more successfully

It may sound almost incredible, but anyway, a man can work wonders if he adopts a proper skin care regimen. Considering that women at the period of menopause lose collagen at a greater extent than men, it results in aging showing much better on the faces. It’s not so with guys, and if they take good care of their skin, it won’t show aging that fast. On the other hand, many of them neglect to, and what with drinking, sun and shaving, their skin grows old too. Men, heed the advice and treat your skin to look younger than you really are!

The circumcision issue


There is no unanimity in the question of circumcision – some believe it is actually healthy, but others regard it as downright offensive. We won’t attempt to go into the question deeply, but there are some myths related to circumcision that are too viral and need to be debunked. Never believe it if somebody tells you that circumcised guys are more resistant to developing HIV – or contract urinary tract infections in a lesser degree. If you are into circumcision, you would do well to garner information on your own, get rid of myths and preconceived ideas and decide what is best for you personally.

Guys are known to lactate sometimes

This may surprise some, yet men can lactate when they find themselves in certain circumstances. The phenomenon is known as galactorrhea, and there are enough registered cases of it. Galactorrhea can be brought about by certain medical disorders, taking medicines, or adopting some behaviors which cause imbalance of prolactin and a few other hormones. Mostly lactating spells nothing untoward, but if it goes on for a long time with no apparent reason, consulting a doctor would be a good thing to do.

Men fall prey to yeast infections

Another problem that guys share with girls is suffering from yeast infections. Yes, they develop them, especially those heavily built and prone to excessive sweating. So, they can get yeast infection from time to time followed by the unusual discharge that sufferers know only too well. Still, anti-fungals can do their bit for men as well as for women; Monistat and suchlike medications will do the trick for any sex.

Men appreciate straightforwardness


A key characteristic for the majority of guys is their straightforwardness. Most of guys are not given to concealing and disguising, their thoughts and emotions are on their sleeves. Any woman should keep it in mind when dealing with males, for no matter what you may feel is left behind the curtain, she has to take a man’s word at certain moments. Their world is really simple and clear-cut, at least on the first bases, and there is little about men which could be classified as mysterious.

Men are uncomfortable with these issues

While reading this article, you may not believe it, but men are very reticent about all this stuff. A lot of them won’t – or can’t – describe comprehensibly what it feels like to be a man, on the physical and mental sense. They will try to shrug the subject away or explain it away in the vaguest of terms. It’s where they are very different from women who can discuss these points freely. Generally pretty forthcoming, men do dry up when such topics are brought up. They don’t think it’s something special, or they don’t try to get to the bottom of the difference between sexes.

Men come in shapes and sizes


Now, men, like women, come in all kinds. You can meet a man who is not aggressive, interested in intricacies and gender psychology, or he may have a small bladder. Your friend may not shy away from intrapersonal topics, and feel quite at ease discussing their bodies with you. There may even be those who listen to you giving you the benefit of their complete attention – hopefully you’ll get to know someone like this! There are many kinds of men to make the world, and that is probably the main thing to bear in mind when rubbing shoulders with them.

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