Perfect Work-Life Balance Found

Many people have been unsuccessfully trying to find a balance between work and personal life, which caused problems with both work and life. British psychologist Emma Kenny believes that she has invented the perfect formula.


Good Timing Secrets

It consists of 8 hours of gossiping, 10 hours of physical activity and 13 hours at an office desk per week. At the same time, two hours a day must be spent on any kind of activity, and another two hours should be spent outdoors. The lunch break should last at least an hour. Emma Kenny believes that if workers spend more than two and a half hours a day at a desk, they work too hard.

How to Enjoy Your Working Day?

40% of the people, surveyed by Emma, admitted that they did not feel such satisfaction after spending their average working day as they might have experienced. Half of the respondents would like to have a profession that would allow them to keep a proper balance between work and personal life. 71% of the respondents spend more than five hours a day at the office desk, and many of them dream of a vacation at least twice a day.

Working during Vacation

One in three respondents regularly checks the office phone even during vacation, and 50% dedicate more than 12 hours a day to work. They are so immersed in work that they cannot switch to having a vacation, even when they get home.

Living for the Sake of Working?

According to Emma Kenny, it is not just very important to create a balance between work and personal life, it is vital. We need to work to get pleasure from life, but we do not live to work. Do not forget about the simple pleasures, such as communicating with friends, sports, walks in the fresh air. Without them, it is very easy to lose interest in life and work.

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