How to Better Motivate Your Workforce

A motivated workforce is important to ensure the productivity of your business. When employees are consistently working hard to achieve goals, the growth of your business will be accelerated. It is important for employers to continually make an effort to motivate their employees, otherwise, a decrease in morale and productivity may occur. Although incentives, such as bonuses or days off, can result in a short period of boosted productivity, making small changes on a frequent basis is a better approach to motivating your work force long term.

Development and Training

Offering employees the chance to participate in training and development courses will enable them to improve their performance and perhaps attain personal goals. The main positive outcome of training is that employees are gaining something from the course. The link is established between putting in the effort to learn and attaining a new qualification, or being able to perform better in their role, which should continue to increase productivity.

ITIL training courses in the UK are professional standard courses used in IT management. An ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) course provides a framework for organizations to implement to improve their IT Service Management Capability. The course offers an in depth explanation of methods to improve the quality of IT services for both businesses and customers. Individuals will be able to apply the principles learned to continually adapt the IT services in the business in accordance with current market trends.


Effective communication is one of the most vital aspects of running a business smoothly. However, many companies overlook communication when it comes to motivating their employees. Simply taking the time to interact with all employees on a daily basis can make them feel valued members of the workforce. Increase the level of positive conversations you have with your workforce, instead of only approaching them to offer criticism. Encourage face-to-face meetings were possible as an alternative to communicating only via email, as this will improve rapport among your team.

Additionally, most employees will have suggestions and concerns about how elements of the business are functioning. Everyone has the success of the business as their first priority, so organising a time where their ideas can be voiced could allow you to gain some valuable ideas. Enabling your work force to make a contribution to the company, regardless of how large or small it is, can dramatically improve motivation levels as employees feel they have contributed outside of their day-to-day activities.

Create a Clear Vision

When employees can see the bigger picture, or end goal, of their day-to-day work it will help to motivate them. Create a clear vision which highlights how you want the business to grow and make sure you convey your enthusiasm for each and every project. Ensuring that every employee understands how they are contributing individually will incentivise them to go above and beyond to contribute towards this target. Additionally, workplaces with a clear ethos are more likely to deliver excellent service in this focus area. For example, a company which prides itself on delivering high standards of customer service should emphasise this regularly so it becomes an encompassed part of each and every business interaction.

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