Career Insights – 5 Signs Your Career Might Be Off Track

If you think that your career isn’t moving forward the way you want it to be, then maybe there’s a higher chance that you’re not fit for the job and you need a career change. There are things that you must consider and signs that you must watch out for to know that your career might be off the track. Some of these signs are not obvious and you may understand it as being just a challenge in your career, but it’s not exactly like that all the time. It requires some deep soul searching to know if these are actually signs of some insight into your career, sites like offer great aid in interpreting these signs and advises what to do in certain situations.

Here are the five (5) signs you may want to know if your career is already off the track:

1. You don’t have a job more than six months already

You need to strive more on looking the jobs you’ve always wanted. If an opportunity arrives and it’s not what you desire or not suitable for your skills, try to learn more about it. There is no harm in trying something out.

2. You haven’t applied to a job with your set of skills

It is so important to know which field you specialize especially if you’re a professional. Do not follow a career if your professionalism was not your choice. If you finish a degree but not your choice, then pursuing it is a waste of time and effort. You will not appreciate a job if you don’t even have the slightest passion for it. Create a career that you will surely love and enjoy not regretting a single thing from that decision.

3. Haven’t been promoted, or given new responsibilities for the past years

This sign needed questions to be answered. You need to ask yourself this, do you see yourself in the next five years working at the same company or not? If you visualized yourself not seeing it means you need to stop and make a better choice. If seeing yourself successfully in a different skill and passion, you need to stop pushing yourself too hard working in a career that doesn’t even suit you. Follow a career that you’re happy you’ll be happy with and satisfied no matter how hard it is.

4. You’re not being recruited or offered any work

It is very hard to look for the right job nowadays, especially if the market has low demand with your set of skills. You have to show more of your sets of skill or much better learn other skills that interest you, whether you are hired because of your skills or not, learning the whole job would definitely make you a successful person.

5. Overqualified for the job

You are always being told you’re overqualified for the job, but there is also an explanation for it. Either you do not meet their standards, or you’re too great for the job. Having told in that manner, you must explain to them your opinion and that you can help with the success of the company.

Having a career is great and adventurous. It has challenges to keep you strong and confident. Make the best of what you have and work hard for it. Keep in mind that failure is part of success. You cannot achieve a goal if you can’t stand up after falling.

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