8 Profitable Careers Still Remaining Non-Traditional for Women

Despite momentous achievements towards real and irrefutable equality there are still life spheres where the great notion slips. Sadly, one of them is an extremely important one – profession. Although women account for almost half of the economy of this country and are less likely to become redundant there still are well-paid professions where men enjoy decisive dominance. In some of them women could surely acquit themselves as well as – if not better – than males.

Nowadays earning a hefty salary for many a woman has become a necessity, the number of dames who constitute the main source of income in families with underage children being 11% in 1960 and going up to 40% in 50 years. This process doesn’t show signs of halting.

Besides, it would be unadulterated joy to discover how much thinking outside the box, getting the right kind of education and getting advice and professional help from relevant professional organizations could alter your whole life.

Chief executive

The first of professions under consideration would be chief executive; the number of female COs does not rise above 24%. Considering that more women are going for business degrees, the percentage may grow soon. The salary of about $99,000 yearly provides strong attraction for a woman who likes to be financially independent and exemplify female abilities for organizing things.


Close on its heels comes engineering – in all fields, from chemistry to computer software. A woman who became an engineer instead of going for nursing will be earning thrice the monthly money and more. A career in the engineering field offers a relatively high income. With up to six figures in annual earnings, as evidence showing on the average salary for a software engineer being offered in some states. The further you develop your skills and the higher you climb on the corporate ladder, so too does your prospective income.

Aircraft Pilot

The third profession might put fear in the hearts of the tender sex, and we can easily imagine that most women won’t like to work as aircraft pilots and stay away up in the sky while their families are getting by down there. Among pilots only 2 plus % are to be found. Yet for the sum of approximately $73,000 a year there would be women who are not averse from flying. You could choose less responsible jobs like dropping seeds or direct firefighting.

Firefighter and detective

By the way, firefighting. This – as well as detective work – may actually be regarded as a male-dominated occupation by right; yet there are sure to be women who would like to display their prowess and welcome the strain that these jobs involve. Then again, the fact that you don’t need such a lot of education for them is a tenable argument – you go to work instead of spending your time and money on getting qualification.


For those who just love to get their education, there is a highly creative job of an architect. Besides its obvious advantages for those with a penchant for architectural beauties, it comes ninth on the list of highest-paid jobs; women in it constitute close to 25%, meaning that it is likely to lose its men-dominated status quite soon.

Building inspector

Women construction and building inspectors will get about $53,500 for having to check different constructions for conformity with building codes, both local and national, specifications set down in contracts, and zoning regulations.

Military jobs

Finally, there are a number of military jobs woman can handle perfectly. Since the Department of Defense policy to preclude women from combat functions in the military was revoked they can apply for careers there that will provide them with a decent steady income.