7 Ways to Get Rid of Job Stress

Job stress affects our health adversely, and many people can not get rid of it even at home. However, there are tried and tested ways to relax at the workplace.


1. Walk around the office

Even a brief walk through the corridors and up or down the stairs is able to calm down your shattered nerves and relieve stress. Simply get up from your desk and stretch your legs. Just do not force yourself to sit up until some problem is solved.

2. Go out in the sun

If the sun shines brightly, be sure to seize a few minutes to go outside and just stand under its rays. Sunlight has a calming effect and helps fight stress.

3. Retreat to the restroom

Do not be shy to go to the restroom, put down the toilet seat and just sit alone with closed eyes, to calm down. This is the only place in the office where you can be private from everyone.

4. Move

It is best to find an empty meeting room or another room and run there like a child playing tag. It is a great and effective way to relieve stress in a short time.

5. Crawl under the table

It depends on your mental stability and risk appetite. Of course, many colleagues might think God knows what, but even a short time spent under the table helps to relax very much.

6. Breathing techniques

You can draw deep breaths anywhere, including the office. Conscious breathing allows you to raise the focus of attention and lower the heartbeat rhythm.

7. Call a friend

Another reliable, proven way to reduce stress is calling your good acquaintance or a friend. It is not necessary to discuss problems; you can just talk about something pleasant, like movies or traveling abroad.

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