5 Awkward Job Situations That Shouldn’t Embarrass You

According to recent studies, people spend most of their time at work, so it is not surprising that many important moments are connected with the office and the team, whether it is love, a passionate romance, strong friendship, or even a conspiracy. As in any sphere, certain moments always happen. Experiencing them again, you feel you are blushing eloquently. Geniusbeauty.com is going to tell you what “production” actions you should never be ashamed of!

Ignoring the requests of the boss and colleagues

One of the points for which you should not feel shame is the refusal to fulfill some request from your superiors or another employee, especially if this is not your direct responsibility. You can clearly explain that you agree to take an additional amount of work if you get paid for it, but only after you complete your basic tasks.

Do not depreciate yourself and your work, agreeing to someone else’s work, discuss in advance all the points and the size of the additional payment, otherwise you can reject the request politely, but firmly.


Of course, you do not need to let your colleagues down at every opportunity, but do not forget that each person is responsible for their own happiness. You come to work in order to show excellent results and, accordingly, move up the career lift.

Why should you refuse a promotion, fearing that you will pass for an impudent person or a “careerist” in the team? Act as it befits you, and pursue your goal despite the dissatisfaction of your colleagues (never feel ashamed that you may unwittingly offend someone or fail them). If you do not commit anything vile, but only use the chance that has turned up, feel free to follow your dreams!

Refusal to work overtime and get engaged in intrigues

Remember that there is nothing wrong about the fact that you can distinguish between work and personal time and refuse to take part in the life of the team. Of course, you can attend corporate parties and other activities, but at the same time you are absolutely not obliged to participate in office clashes, intrigues or gossiping. It doesn’t matter that other employees will be offended, requiring you to urgently decide which side you stick to. You can calmly explain your position and focus on your career rather than on the struggle for power and the attention of management.

As for working overtime, you might think about it only if your superiors agree to pay extra money. Otherwise, do not experience the slightest sense of shame to refuse.

Demand a promotion, a bonus and a compensation

If you do not know how to “sell” yourself, you will never make a successful career. This is the opinion held by the people who independently made their capital, having earned a fortune by hard work and building relationships with others skillfully. Therefore, if you have long understood that you have outgrown your position and are ready to try yourself in a new, more promising and responsible role, do not be afraid to tell the management about it. At the same time, discuss the size of your salary in accordance with your experience and achievements relating directly to your organization.

In addition, do not forget to demand a compensation and bonuses if you suddenly did something beyond your immediate responsibilities. Anyway, do not feel guilty for having decided to “skip” a workday on the pretext of sickness, or if you say that your report is ready though you have not even started it. These are all simple matters that are resolved very quickly, so you should not worry and be ashamed.

Passionate affair with a colleague

Even if you lost your mind after talking with a pretty employee from a neighboring department and you quickly moved your relationship to a new level and then broke up equally quickly (no one is safe from this!), you shouldn’t look guilty, worrying that someone could find out about your adventures.

Psychologists claim that the relationship between two people concerns only the two, and it does not matter how quickly your communication went beyond sheer friendship and what exactly you did, the main thing is that both of you liked it. According to statistics, office romances end very quickly, and it is important to avoid mutual reproaches, conflicts and …the feeling of shame. Just thank the person for all the good things that were between you, and move on with your head up high.

Next time, do not rush into an office romance right away, but think twice, wait a bit to understand whether this person is worth the risk of spoiling your relationship with colleagues or your own reputation. It happens that people meet the love of their life at work. But if the romantic affair has already happened, this is your personal matter of importance, and no one has the right to interfere in it.

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