4 Ways to Make Your Store More Attractive to Shoppers

Customers are the lifeblood of a business — without them, you wouldn’t have anyone who would buy your goods and services. You want to create a welcoming environment in your business so that your customers can feel comfortable and enjoy a pleasant experience.

If you’re not sure where to begin, don’t panic. You’ll find several areas in your store that, with a little adjustment, can potentially increase repeat business and earn you more profit. Who wouldn’t want happy customers spending time walking through their aisles and always coming back for more?

Offer Food and Drinks

A great way to invite customers to your shop is to offer samples of your products or cook them on the premises. Who could avoid the delicious smell of freshly baked bread or pies when walking past a store?

Sometimes, customers, upon seeing free nibbles being offered in your shop, might go in just to taste them. Once they’re inside, with cookies in their hands, they’ll undoubtedly wander around and find something they didn’t know they needed.

Design Proper Product Placement

Have you ever noticed that when you’re shopping for your basic items, they tend to be at the end of the store? Those products are not there by chance. Shop owners know their best-selling goods and purposely place them farther away from the entrance so that customers stay longer inside.

Additionally, shoppers tend to move around stores following a counterclockwise path. Place your profitable items on the right side of the entrance to boost sales. Likewise, display chewing gum, magazines, and chocolates next to the register as customers often buy these items impulsively. Lastly, having eye-catching POP displays with good placements will increase purchases.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Imagine entering an attractive store, and once you start walking around, you notice an unpleasant smell of mold. Or worse, your eyes start itching a bit and you might feel a hint of a headache. Don’t let indoor air quality problems be a problem for your business.

Business owners can find companies which offer installations for HVAC system products such as ultraviolet lamps, long-lasting air filters, or dehumidifiers. Regardless of your choice, get rid of indoor allergens since they can cause severe health problems.

Choose the Right Music

Did you know that more than one-third of people said they would stay longer in one place if they enjoyed the music? Did you also know that more than 80 percent of customers think that it’s important that music inside a store has the right volume? As you can see, you have more to do to choose the songs for your store than simply turning on the iPod.

Slow songs can decrease the overall speed in the shop, making customer stay longer and spend more. Older shoppers might find loud music irritating, but young people won’t notice it. Make sure you set the right tone for your clientele.

At first, thinking about your shop’s decoration, tasty nibbles, air quality, and songs might be a little overwhelming. However, once you start paying attention to every detail and see the boost in sales and customer satisfaction, the process will become easier, and you’ll find more room for improvement.

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