Weird Necklace Looking Like a Chain Door Lock

Of all the ambiguous symbols to wear on your sleeve – or on your neck for that matter – here is one that will certainly make a statement, and a loud one. What kind of statement exactly may not be quite clear, but you are sure to be singled out. That’s what the producers could have meant when they described the accessory as “a reinterpretation of the necktie, a modern approach that suits you.”

Cutting out on the mystification, this neckpiece is an exact replica of a chain lock, called, unsurprisingly, Chain Door Lock Necklace created by Bond Hardware. It does look severely brass (or brazen?) so if you are not careful where you wear it it can make or break your reputation. Or you want to invent a heavily charged explanation of its personal significance and give it to those you meet. It has a certain dash to it, so it’s a challenge to try it on – probably using it to pass the word whether you’re open or shut.