First Artificial Meat by SuperMeat Served in The Chicken Restaurants

At the new restaurant in Tel Aviv, The Chicken, visitors can taste chicken grown in a cage placed inside a biological reactor in an adjacent room and separated from the hall by a glass window. Visitors do not need to pay for artificial chicken dishes, the SuperMeat artificial chicken meat startup only asks for feedback on their products.

The menu of The Chicken restaurant is based on a burger prepared on the basis of crispy chicken fillet with a bun. The popular dish tastes exactly the same as that prepared using traditional chicken meat.

It took three years to develop the technology of the SuperMeat startup, and it is based on avian stem cells, which have the natural ability to multiply indefinitely. Experts note the high productivity of bioreactors capable of increasing the meat mass by 50% per day. The developers cite an example that such productivity is equivalent to the ability of a poultry farm per 1000 heads to produce daily 500 adult, already grown chickens.

Thus, the use of SuperMeat technology will solve the problem of cruelty towards birds that are kept on poultry farms in cramped unnatural conditions. It also ensures the prevention of meat oversaturation with antibiotics, and resolves the issue of eliminating the risk of another pandemic transmitted from birds.

Effort is being made now to obtain the permission from the US regulators, the USDA and the FDA, to trade in artificial chicken meat. Within two years, the meat is planned to be sold to restaurants, and in five years the company plans to expand its production on an industrial scale.

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