Bizarre Anti-Wrinkle Face Belt

As Father Time etches more and more lines on our faces, the fight for a clean and unwrinkled face gets fiercer and fiercer. Many will believe that nothing is too bizarre or out-of-the-way if it can help us smooth out some of these lines. Who knows, maybe the most unexpected ways will bring the best results? Well, here is a method from Japan that looks a little ninja-like, but may fight off the ravages of time. The Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt is the latest Japanese weapon against the onset of wrinkles. It is a nylon pink and grey beauty mask covering the lower part of the face that is designed to tighten up the cheeks and the jaw thereby preventing the appearance of facial lines. It cannot but give you a very odd look, but what have we got to lose except those wrinkles? The mask is made of nylon and polychloroprene so as to trap body heat and thus take away the edge of those laugh lines. It is recommended for daily use with or without a moisturizer. The Kogao! Smile Lines Face Belt (22.4-26.8″ in size) is to be had for $56. If you have a sensitive skin or are victim to allergies this is not quite the thing for you.