10 Most Popular Superstitions

Superstitions may be shrugged off by certain undaunted individuals, but they should know that they are but a minority – at least in the UK, where over 30% of people admitted to reverting to old rituals in hope to stave off bad luck on a daily basis.

Superstitions, crossed fingers

While only a third of the population are well into regular practice, 84% are inveterate on superstitions and rely on things like lucky pants or lucky numbers.

A poll conducted by MoreThan insurance showed that the most popular superstitions may be supported stronger than political parties, with 55% of Brits believing in knocking on wood to ensure safety for oneself or somebody else and 50% trying to gain good luck by crossing fingers. 43% said they would never even think of walking under a ladder.

You’d expect these “magic” rituals to be dying, but of the people polled, 90% of folks aged from 18 to 24 are ready to behave strangely in order to be in with malevolent spirits.

A spokesperson for MoreThan insurance, stressing the fact that a wide observance of “illogical rituals” is quite understandable, said that we still shouldn’t pay more attention to superstitious situations than to “monitoring our general wellbeing.”

Top superstitions that go on regulating people’s lives are:

  1. knock on wood to ward off danger
  2. cross your fingers to bring in luck
  3. don’t walk under a ladder
  4. umbrellas shouldn’t be opened inside
  5. a penny lying on the floor
  6. a broken mirror means 7 years of bad luck
  7. new shoes should not be put on the table
  8. evil omens can be put down by singing the magpie song
  9. avoid 13 as an unpropitious number
  10. there are numbers that bring luck.

Source of the image: Life123.

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