Welcome Additions – How to Create a Soft, Welcoming Room

Relaxing in the confines of your bedroom and/or living area is always a welcoming thought. But, did you know you can take it ‘next level’ in achieving that desirable look, feel and ambiance? Considering that you spend around a third of your life asleep (and let’s face it, a good portion of your life indoors), it’s really not too much of an indulgence to splash out on your ‘comfort zone/s’.

Here’s how to create a soft, welcoming room with just a few key items.


Curtains need not be bulky and oppressive. Bask in the radiant glow of an optimum amount of light whilst enjoying the privacy that sheer curtains can afford. The benefits of these ‘wonder window coverings’ don’t stop there. They provide UV protection and are quite economical in comparison to common alternatives, such as wooden blinds and shutters. Best of all, they look exceedingly soft and elegant and set the scene by framing your room in the most delicate of fashions.


You can’t underestimate the power of lighting in interior design. No matter the look and feel of your furnishings and other elements, unduly harsh and bright lighting will be sure to destroy the mood. Dimmable lighting and frosted bulbs create a much more peaceful feel that is conducive to relaxation and slumber. You can also try a luxe lamp or a neon sculpture as a stylish alternative in lighting. Opt for ‘glowing radiance’ in your bedrooms and living areas and leave the piercing brilliance of high wattage lighting for areas where you require visual clarity, for example, the kitchen.

Soft Furnishings

Quickly overhaul any space with a careful selection of soft furnishings. Cosy cushions, textured seat coverings, and opulent occasional chairs can transform a blank canvas of a room into an ‘inner sanctum’. Marvel at the rich visual and sensory effects that layered fabrics can create, for example, via stacked throw blankets. You can conform to a popular style, for example, ‘Hamptons’ or experiment with an interplay of colours, fabrics, and art/decor pieces in inspiring your own unique look.

Natural Elements

It’s all well and good to kit out your rooms with fixtures and furniture, but what about ‘found objects’. That means natural and seasonal elements like flower arrangements in vases/bottles, potted plants, and even indoor water features. Bringing a touch of ‘the outdoors in’ allows you to harmonise the flow of any given space. Try incorporating greenery and trickling water. You can also add natural and organic elements by way of sculptures and wall art, for example, with driftwood, seashell, and botanical motifs.


Contrary to what some people might believe, aromatherapy is ‘not to be sniffed at’. When you enter a room, breathing in a pleasant aroma brings all five senses into play, creating gentle waves of tranquility. There are a variety of options that can be used to ‘scent up space’, for example, candles, oil burners, and aroma devices. Plus, a variety of formulations and fragrances to suit all inclinations, such as soy wax and ceramic/electronic essental oil diffusers. Complement the predominant aesthetics of your room with a matching scent, for example, a seaspray aroma would work well in a marine-inspired bathroom.

Welcome Home

Creating a soft and welcoming living environment is all about what makes you feel ‘most at home’. First, lay your groundwork with window coverings and furniture. Then, set about decorating with sensual flourishes. Before you know it, your domestic environment will become your own private paradise!

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