10 Things We Do Differently this Decade

Due to the technical progress we no longer use as much paper as we used to, we need to buy less stuff at home, and there are things, such as fax machines, we simply don’t use anymore. Here are 10 things we do differently this decade.


1. Developing films

Before you could take a look at the photos you had taken or show them to your friends, you had to go through a very painstaking process.

2. Renting videos

What used to be more natural than slipping out to a store for a bunch of movies? Now we have Netflix. Or maybe you prefer Video-On-Demand?

3. Reading classified advertisements

We do that, and we will be doing it for a long time – but not in the newspapers, it’s virtually unimaginable.

4. Phoning from a public booth

A conversation over the cell phone may be a lot more expensive – yet, we won’t even think of going back to those phone booths and dropping coins in the slot.

5. Playing around the table

Most of our games are on the screen now – chess, checkers, puzzles. Thinking bingo? Here you are – bingo online of Gonebingo.

6. Faxing via fax machines

Really, it was such a drag! No-one is likely to feel sorry about parting with these troublesome devices.

7. Looking it up in dictionaries and yellow pages

These volumes may still look impressive on the shelves, but when it comes to using them for actual reference, we’d better go on the Internet.

8. Listening to music on CDs

Music CD sales are coming down (the last registered drop was 13%), you may be using them still, but chances are your neighbors don’t.

9. Record stores

There are collectors who just love the good old vinyl. But you won’t throw away your iPod because you revere old stuff – and you can’t listen to records when on the move.

10. Taking bills out of your mailbox

Tearing up envelopes to get to your bills. Soon it will be downright risible. A short while ago people thought nothing of using so much paper. What do you think of papering up your home or your office now? All you need is on your computer!

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