The Cost of Living in Arkansas, in a Nutshell

With such a large country, Americans have a great plethora of options on where to live. But in our great nation, one of the most overlooked places to live is Arkansas.

Arkansas has a great history and this is one of its greatest attractions for tourists. But as internal migration becomes more of a possibility for more Americans, Arkansas will also be a great place to live in.

But what’s the cost of living in Arkansas? What are the living expenses you’ll expect once you move to The Natural State?

Here’s what you need to know:

Basic Expenses

According to Best Places, Arkansas has an average lower cost of living compared to the national average. You can manage to find a great standard of living without having to pay higher fees.

There are also many alternatives to further reduce your costs. As Arkansas has a lot of free land, you can build your own homestead. This lets you create a smaller home if you wish. You can also opt for a tiny home or live in a trailer if you need to cut costs.

Electricity costs are also very low in Arkansas compared to the national average. You can also look for solar near you to see if you can install solar panels for your home. This is one of the best ways to cut down on costs.

How Much Do I Need to Earn?

The next concern is how much you’ll need to earn to live a comfortable life in Arkansas.

Of course, this depends on the size of your household but we’ll use a single person to help you determine your particular needs.

For a single person in an entry or mid-level corporate position, one might expect to earn at least $50K per annum.

You can expect to pay at least $22K per year on your basic electricity needs. Once again, this can get lowered by $2K-$3K if you opt for solar panels.

If you use transportation services, expect them to cut into your budget as Arkansas doesn’t have the public facilities compared to New York City. The state is also facing the high gas prices that the rest of the country is facing.

That’s the Cost of Living In Arkansas

Now you know the cost of living in Arkansas and how you can enjoy a high standard of living without spending a fortune!

The cost of living in Arkansas is lower than the national average and is one of the cheapest places to live in the country. You can save on smaller housing and even use solar panels to save on electricity costs.

Most households can survive on a salary of $50K per year. It’s a great state where the average American can live comfortably without needing to be wealthy.

You can find more tips on moving within the United States on our blog.

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