The Inside Story on Summer Birthstones


Summer is the best season of the year — beautiful weather, vacation just around the corner, no school, and late night beach parties — it therefore is no wonder that summer birthstones somehow seem to radiate more fun and enjoyable energy when people wear them.

Most folks however know little about birthstones or what wearing summer birthstones have to offer.

More than just charming gems, each one carries a story and positive energy. Some people even swear that wearing birthstones on its assigned month will actually enhance their therapeutic powers.

So, let’s talk about summer birthstones… What do they mean?… What positive elements do they emit?… How to choose one?… and… Where to buy them?

If you are born in June, July, or August, read on for more information about your beautiful summer birthstone.

Summer Birthstones

According to birthstone mythology, people born during the summer months are more likely to possess positive and confident personalities.

So, it may come as no surprise that summer birthstones — Pearl, Ruby, Peridot and Spinel — hold heated colors and radiate happier vibes compared to other gems.


Pearl – Peace, Integrity and Beauty

Pearl is the primary birthstone of June, and because these summer gems hide exclusively inside of oysters, it makes them special as well. Pearls emit elegance and boldness when worn; however, the gem’s color ultimately controls its elite vibe.

How to Choose Pearl Summer Birthstones

Today’s pearl suppliers cultivate pearl summer birthstones in contemporary styles and shapes to strengthen their visual impact. Pearls further come in distinct hues, so people can wear them anytime and anywhere. Choose a size that fits your personality and find an enjoyable opalescent luster that compliments your skin tone while remembering:

  • Blue Pearls represent love.
  • Black Pearls embody success.
  • Pink Pearls stand for good fortune.
  • Gold Pearls symbolize harmony.
  • White Pearls signify beauty and purity.

Where to Buy Pearl Summer Birthstones

You can find pearl collections in showrooms at local jewelry stores across America. Quality pearl summer birthstones are further available for safe purchase online in the virtual showrooms of pearl importers and suppliers. One can find there remarkable collections of pearl necklaces, pearl bracelets, pearl earrings and other pearl jewelry.


Ruby – Love, Confidence and Strength

Red rubies emit heat and firework vibes which makes them the perfect summer birthstone for July. These gems further radiate many powerful qualities such as leadership, prosperity, wisdom, and love, favorable attributes that folks can flaunt not just on special occasions but also on dates or at summer parties for lighting up hidden desires in others.

How to Choose Ruby Summer Birthstones

Many folks consider ruby summer birthstones to be the “king of all gems.” This branding places rubies up there with diamonds — valuable and upscale. You should look for flawlessly cut gemstones with deep red hues and purplish tints while keeping in mind the more bluish-red tint found in the ruby summer birthstone, the stronger the energy it will emit.

Where to Buy Ruby Summer Birthstones

You can shop online for rubies, but it’s quite challenging to evaluate the particulars in theses summer birthstones just by studying photos. Online jewelers likewise document the gemstones’ color, carat and cut information in their virtual showrooms; however, even with detailed metrics, folks often find online ruby purchases unattractive when they arrive. We therefore recommend that you visit your local jeweler’s showroom if you’re seriously considering investing in ruby summer birthstones.


Peridot and Spinel – Bravery, Strength and Balance

August holds claim to two birthstones. Peridot radiates power and influence in the wearer, and its signature lime green colors often stand out in crowded rooms. Old folklore claims Peridot summer birthstones came from the tears of gods and bring good luck and wealth to those who wear the gem.

Spinels are rare ruby-like summer birthstones that exhibit a spectrum of magnificent colors when held to sunlight. This secondary birthstone emits healing and protective energies that can sooth sadness; safeguard wearers from harm; and hasten bodily injury recovery.

How to Choose Peridot and Spinel Summer Birthstones

Peridot summer birthstones exist only in one color — signature lime green. Most folks prefer the stones quarried from Arizona, Asia and South America because they emit more citrus hues and earth tones. If you’re on a budget, look for Peridot gemstones under four carats; Peridots over six carats are rare and more valuable because they radiate rare cat eye and starry olive green tones.

When buying Spinel summer birthstones, you’ll want to look for rich ruby reds with shades of orange pastel pink and violet. Burma gems are the most striking and most expensive because they’re the only Spinels that display stunning diamond-blue hues when exposed to bright lights.

Where to Buy Peridot and Spinel Summer Birthstones

Folks can safely purchase quality Spinel summer birthstones from online showrooms, unless of course you want to go all out and buy an expensive Burma gemstone. We on the other hand suggest you visit your local jeweler’s showroom if you’re purchasing Peridot summer birthstones for the same reasons mentioned in the ruby section above.