How to Have a Little Fun in Your Day

The proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is as meaningful today as it ever was, and by the way, it also applies to Jill. So, why not aim to inject a little fun into your life to help you get through the day? Some workdays are just plain tedious, while others can be very stressful. Here are some thoughts about creating a little “you” time to help you relax and unwind a little.


Getting over boredom

If you have a long list of deskbound, screen-orientated tasks in front of you, be sure to lighten the load with your favorite personal music – use earbuds if coworkers might take issue. Take frequent screen breaks and make the most of these to enjoy off-screen activities, such as reading a quick chapter of your current novel, taking a walk in the fresh air or a trip to the gym during your (obligatory) lunch break. Making time for alternatives to your onscreen activities will help you enjoy them all the more.

Stressful days

If you’re having one of those rushing around “I need to be in two places at once” days, then you need to unwind in a different way. Stop. Check out your favorite social media sites, chat to your friends or make some time available for a little online game on your smartphone to help you de-stress.

Remember, your cellphone is as good as a games console, only a tiny bit smaller, so make the most of it. In these “short break” circumstances, it’s best to go for quick little games such as free online scratchcards, rather than getting into lengthy role-playing or simulation stuff. Save the longer solo or group-gaming opportunities for when you have more time and can make the most of them.

Cooperating with your buddies

Although many people say they shy away from group activities, sometimes these can be great fun and in the workplace they can promote positive bonding opportunities, as well as helping teammates relax and enjoy each other’s company. Just as Casual Friday (or “dress-down” in some places) has become widely adopted, so in some workplaces colleagues take turns to bring in homemade snacks to share, on a roster basis.

Depending on how many colleagues there are in your workplace, this may not be a difficult commitment. It can also be a great fun way to try new things (don’t forget to check on food allergies or intolerances before adopting this idea).

Laughter is the best medicine

Finally, although being able to laugh together is a healthy thing, introducing humor into the workplace can be tricky, as it’s important to do it in such a way as not to offend co-workers. Sometimes inventing silly games can help, such as building paper airplanes or making models from paperclips. Make sure management is in on the act, however, as you will want this to be a fun, creative opportunity for everyone.

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