How to Design Your Bathroom like the Celebrities

Most of us envy the luxurious homes of celebrities due to their choice of the latest designs and unique architecture. We often come across the details of their beautiful homes in magazines and on televisions. The celebs strive to equip their homes with the trending hardware and designs curated by renowned architects and interior decorators. Though most of us cannot afford the lavish lifestyles of the celebs with innovation and tweaks we can replicate a few trends loved by the, especially when it comes to bathrooms.

Here is our list of things to do when it comes to revamping our bathrooms:

1. Colors and Shades

The walls of the washroom have a strong impression on the guests who use that space. It gives them an idea about your taste of choice. The choice of color, patterns, and shades should be unique to give the bathroom a modern look. Painting techniques are evolving with each passing day and you could implement one at a very affordable price. Use of mesmerizing patterns, stenciling the walls or using faux marbles on walls gives a sophisticated new look that is highly appreciated by the users.

2. Flooring

The bathroom floor is crucial as it should provide good traction and also a good vibe. Since bathrooms take lesser space than any other room in a house, you can opt for high-quality flooring without exceeding your budget. Use of high-quality tiles or even vinyl can be a good option. Vinyl is cheaper than marbles and replicates their looks making it hard to distinguish between marble flooring and wood flooring available in the market. The floor is the base rather the foundation of a bathroom and does not go unnoticed by the visitors. It should have a good friction coefficient and coloring. The colors can be chosen in order to complement the shades of the wall. You can use flashy or sober colors depending on the impression you want to make on your guests. In order to go one level higher, you can get a water repelling carpet that takes up a portion of the floor space which will be a good finishing touch.

3. Lighting

This is another crucial aspect of bathroom interiors. You can go for vintage bulbs to smart lights for your bathroom. For smart lights, the luminosity can be controlled directly from an app on your phone. They come at a good price but last long enough making it a good deal for a long-time investment. You also have an option for the user to control the intensity of smart lights which amplifies their experience in the bathroom. The mirror in the bathroom should be lit up with lights all around it so that your guest can have a good look at themselves. You shouldn’t forget to install lights all over the bathroom including the shower and the toilet space.

4. Shower

The celebs love customized showers and high-end exhaust fans. Though getting a shower that is computer controlled is costly, one can get high-end showers that are larger in size and offer a broader range of water flow making it convenient for the user. You would never want your bathroom to behave odor which would be insulting for the guests. You should make arrangements to drag out unwanted odors through the exhausts. Exhaust fans should be bought after extensive research and skimming through these bathroom exhaust fan reviews.

These are some of the easy and one-time investments that you should do to enjoy your visit to the washroom with a good ambiance and smooth operations of all the hardware.

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