The Hangout Handbook: How to Make Your House Actually Inviting to Guests

There are heaps of proven benefits to spending quality time with your friends and family. Increased wellbeing is one of them – the power of connection with other humans cannot be understated. Not to mention how good it feels to laugh with those close to you. Socialising can decrease stress and maybe even increase longevity. But what if your home is lacking that special touch that makes it a great place to hang out? So, let’s explore how to make your house actually inviting to your guests.

Have a Comfortable Outdoor Space

Spending time with close friends and family outdoors is all well and good, but if your yard space is freezing, it’s no fun for anyone. That’s why you should invest in one of Heatstrip’s outdoor heaters. Having a warm space while you grill some meat or serve some drinks is a surefire way to encourage your guests to return time and time again.

During summer, you want to have a beautiful shaded area to chill out. A shade cloth or pergola is a great way to create a haven from the harsh sun. With your heater and your shade, you now have a comfortable outdoor space to enjoy all year round.

Neat and Tidy

We all struggle with the demands of a busy life. Sometimes the house gets left behind as you juggle work, study, raising kids, and your hobbies. But put yourself in your guests’ shoes for a moment. You walk into a house for a visit, and you’re greeted with chaos. It can be uncomfortable, to say the least, when you visit a messy home. So, before your guests come, spend some time making your space neat and tidy. It doesn’t have to be a display home but put in some effort. Put away clothes, shoes, books and toys. You know that side table or bench that becomes the dumping ground? Give it a good spruce up. After this, your home will be pleasant to be in, and you won’t scare your guests away.

Set the Tone

If you’re having guests over for a meal or a few drinks, setting the appropriate tone for the day or evening can be a nice touch. You can achieve this with some music. If you’re close with your friends, you probably already know their tastes and maybe even have some genres in common. If they’re new acquaintances, then you can play it safe with some chilled cafe-style beats. Nearly everyone on earth likes music, so you can’t go wrong here. Maybe avoid the black metal, though, unless you’re all into it.

Greenery and Flowers

Nothing makes a home seem more inviting than house plants and fresh flowers in vases. If you’re a green thumb already, you probably have a few house plants. If not, get some easy to maintain plants in pots in most rooms. Add the finishing touch with some fresh flowers in vases in your living and dining spaces. These splashes of green and colour will give your pad a breath of fresh air for you and your guests.

A Hang Out Conclusion

There are a few ways to make your home inviting to guests. Investing in outdoor heating and shade is one of them so that you can enjoy al fresco dining and drinks. Maintaining a neat and tidy home is another trick, as nobody can relax amidst the chaos. Set the tone with some beats or music that you can all enjoy while you hang out. And finally, use nature to your advantage by having some house plants and fresh flowers around your space.

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