Fabulous Tips to Enhance Your Phone Photography Skills

Have you ever wondered why professional photography is better than general photography? Aside from the excellent camera gear, what else makes the professional pictures irresistible? Several years of experience and excellent knowledge of colour and light combinations does the trick for experts, but if you are willing to enhance your photography skills, this post is an absolute read for you. Get rid of the misconception that a high-end camera is all you need to immortalise a moment in an exceptionally gorgeous way. For the learners, here is a list of tips which can help you up your photography game with ease.

Beauty lies in the lighting

Who said that phone photography needs to be dull? Freshen up the frame with lighting additions, and seeing the results, you’ll thank us for a lifetime. With the right light on the subject and background, any click can be turned into a masterpiece. Look for natural sources and avoid hard shadows for brilliant pictures.

Choose the right subject

Choosing an interesting subject helps you win half the battle. If you have something unique to shoot, then even as a non-photographer you can click award-winning pictures. Experimenting with negative space, reflections and using grid lines for picture balancing will tremendously help you in the process. If a person is your subject matter, then mimicking a few professional headshots can help you find the perfect one.

Set the mood

Photography is a vast subject but great knowledge of just a few elements can do the job for you, and mood is one of them. Choosing a theme and being able to show it through your picture are two different things. Whether it’s a person or an object in the frame, it’s important to be clear on the theme that you are trying to show through your click. Once you know what you want, take a look at the picture and ask yourself whether it is delivering it right or not. Use the lighting, expression and body language to set the mood.

Different perspective

Think about all the pictures which have been imprinted in your memory over time, and have become unforgettable. They all have one thing in common – different perspective. Photographers in Sydney are famous for their unique perspectives. Try to have a different take on the whole idea and see how quickly everything seems to get better. Play with angles to add height or depth to the image, and once you are done, you will be amazed at the results.

Candids win

Posed pictures look great bit candids look phenomenal. To relish in the moment of joy and craziness, you can surely click a few poses and refresh your memory now and then, but if you plan on capturing the real emotions, then candids win the race. You can opt for a candid every time, and once you get the hang of the idea, your candids will keep getting better with time. The beauty of a candid is that you never have to wait for everyone to look at the camera and smile. You make your moment.

Trust the experts

Though we have already told you a few pro tips to make photography better than ever for an upcoming event, if you are in no mood to experiment, you can always trust the professional Sydney photographers at Faure Valletta Photography. Hiring an expert will take the load off your mind and help you make the most of the moment by being in the picture too.

Practice makes a man perfect and you, my friend, are indeed no exception. Keeping these tips in mind, give your photography an upgrade and become the most sort-out phone photographer of your gang. Good luck!

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