9 Good Facts about Aging


Few young or middle-aged people are not afraid of aging. However, aging also brings some good points.


1. Highest level of happiness

You’ll never be so happy as between 65 and 85. Researchers from the University of Chicago measured the levels of human happiness in different periods of life. It is high in youth, the lowest in middle age, and reaches its peak after 65.

2. Sharp mind

Scientists from the University of Illinois found that older controllers cope with their work better than younger ones do. However, to maintain a sharp mind, you should always load the brain with work. So do not be afraid of aging.

3. Friendliness

Older people solve various kinds of social conflicts much more effectively, both in their own lives and in the lives of friends or relatives. Scientists from the University of Michigan found that life experience makes a person prone to understanding and compromise.

4. Less worrying

No mortgage, no debts, no little children, or even job with the eternal fear of losing it. This is a truly happy life, in which you can do whatever you like.

5. Less severe migraines

Research shows that migraines get less severe with age. Most often, people suffer from migraines from adolescence to 50.

6. Improvement of sex life

With age, the level of satisfaction from sex grows, as scientists from the University of California in San Diego have established. Most women from 60 to 89, maintaining sexual relationship, are satisfied with it.

7. Less stress

This flows directly out of point 4. However, elderly people have a special issue of concern – their own health. However, the biggest stress in life is due for the period from 35 to 49, and it is slightly lower from 25 to 34.

8. Stronger marriage

Statistics show that the divorce rate among spouses over 60, compared with other age groups, is minimal.

9. Joy from work

Over 90% of workers over 50 are satisfied with their job, compared to only 80% of those under 30. The thing is that older people no longer need to prove anything and climb the career ladder.