7 Juicy Perks of Learning English with A Skype Teacher

Is Skype really the best way to learn and master English? You are the only one who can be the judge of that. But we can highlight some major benefits!

What’s the best way to learn English or any other foreign language at that point? I’ll tell you, Skype is. Not the app itself, but rather a plethora of available courses juiced up by the might of international internet connections.

I mean, for real, you can find English tutors online on Preply or any other available resource that tickles your fancy and get a dedicated teacher with both the skills and the program fit for your needs. Care to learn more? Dig into these juicy 7 perks of Skype-based lessons.

#1 – Availability

This one is rather obvious, but a decent perk nonetheless. If you have access to the internet, you have access to a personal tutor skilled in showing the ways of the foreign tongue.

Do you remember having a Tamagochi toy as a kid? Well, a Skype tutor is just like that. Play with him during classes and feed him with homework and remember – the teacher Is always in your pocket. Just reach out for your Smartphone and voilà – the magic’s happened!

#2 – Live communications

You get to communicate with a native bearer of the language. You will be listening to perfect, flawless pronunciation but not in an outdated, obsolete way, but rather in the way people actually talk to each other.

Mastery of these skills is pivotal to assimilation and is a trustworthy back-end to lie on. Neat, right?

#3 – Speaking AND writing

Not only will you speak to your teacher, but you will also communicate through writing. An exercise like that, if enjoyed on a daily basis amplifies your grammar skills, spelling as well as punctuation. Additionally, you get more time to think about the words you use when you write, so you get a free level of useful repetition by default.

Go even further with a spellchecker. This way you will see wrong words underlines. After repetitively fixing common mistakes over and over again for a dozen times or so you won’t make them again. Ever!

#4 – Relevant vocabulary

Now that 3 and 4 are done – think of an additional benefit – relevancy. Most books that teach English are written two to three decades ago. They are also designed to teach literature English – a language that is rarely spoken in real life unless you are invited to a tea party by Queen Elizabeth herself.

Your teacher will master the art of speaking a living, modern language. You will keep your finger on pulse of the urban culture in a way it is lived through.

#5 – Efficient pricing

You won’t get into obnoxious college debt with hiring an English tutor online. The price you will play for mastering a foreign language efficiently, while the process is set according to your own rules is not even close in price to the cost of a single semester in college.

In simpler words – you will get more while paying less. Sounds like the dreams come true. Does it not?

#6 – Personalized experience

You are one on one with your teacher. Mano el mano. No groups, no hundreds of students to scatter attention. No need to deal with stage fright while asking to repeat something you did not understand from the first time.

It’s just you, your tutor and you have all the time in the world for classes fit for your level. A flexible, easily customizable educational plan and myriads of questions you would be too shy to ask otherwise.

#8 – Fun & new acquaintances

If not for everything else – you will meet new people, bearers of the language and you will be able to keep up with the communications regardless of all odds. Your studies may last for a week, a month or even a year, but a friendship lasts for a lifetime. So kick back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Are there any downfalls?

Well, the process will still take time, work and effort from your side but, in the end of the day – have it your way!

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