5 Ways to Get Your Home Airbnb-Ready

If you’re looking for a way to bring in some additional income, listing your room or home on Airbnb is a great way to go. Not only can you earn supplementary money, but you can meet new people from all around the world. And now is a great time to set up a listing: more people are booking short term rentals than ever. The vacation market is expected to grow by 7% every year until 2021. Furthermore, roughly 87% of Airbnb listers rent out their primary residence to guests.

Create a Gift Basket

Guests will appreciate you going above and beyond for their stay. By taking extra steps with good gestures, you increase your chances of getting a favorable review. A gift basket is a great way to do this. A simple but pleasant gift basket might have some city guides, water, nuts, snacks, and fruits. However, you can go the extra mile and throw in higher-end products, like luxury green tea chocolate, high-end soaps, and wines.

If you aren’t sure about where to start, you can go ahead and search for “Airbnb welcome baskets” on Pinterest, and you’ll see plenty of images to help inspire you. If your area is known for a local delicacy, consider throwing that in. For example, in Portugal pastel de nata is a popular pastry; picarones are popular in Peru, and mochi is all the rave in Japan.

Stage Your Home

Staging your home is a great way to get it ready for incoming guests. This is a tactic that’s used in real estate to attract prospective buyers, and it’s one that will work when it comes to short term rentals, too. If you’ve been thinking about changing up your decor and investing in a little renovation, now is a great time to put those plans into motion. You don’t need to spend thousands on a full-on renovation project to stage your home for potential visitors. Instead, pay attention to creating a great ambiance. This means adding the right light fixtures, bookshelves, wall art, throw blankets and pillows, and wall art. If you need some help, take a look at some of the top hosts on Airbnb and notice how they create ambiance in their homes.

Clean Your Space

This might seem like an obvious tip, but it’s one of the most important aspects of renting out your property. When a guest rates your home, “cleanliness” is one the categories they’ll have to rate you with. Therefore, cleaning for a guest requires a serious deep cleaning. During the cleaning process, you also want to try and get rid of as much personal items as possible. When a guest rents an Airbnb, they want to feel like a local, and feel like a home is their own. If they’re not functional for your guests, consider alternate placing. For example, you might put away a bulk of your clothing and other personal items in a locked closet.

Don’t Forget Amenities

When your guest arrives, they don’t want to have to go without any of the basic things that they need. Airbnb provides a checklist of amenities that you should include, such as toilet paper, towels, shampoo and conditioner, and various other items. However, there are several other amenities you can throw in to make their stay even more comfortable, like cozy bathrobes, toothpaste, slippers, shaving cream, and other items that make things easy for them. Some amenities also help your guests enjoy some leisurely time at home. This could be anything from board games to gaming systems to books and magazines.

Take Great Photos

Airbnb will send over a free photographer for homes in certain areas. When you list your property, be sure to double check that you qualify. A professional will help show your home in the best possible light. And as you know, first impressions are everything, and Airbnb users are making quick decisions about whether they like a place based on photos. If you can’t get a professional photographer from Airbnb, you should hire one or rent professional equipment. While this might seem like an unnecessary cost at first, you’ll get a return on investment by taking great photos. If you have a recent smartphone model, it’s possible to use it for photos (as a last resort), but you should take advantage of editing software to spruce up the photographs.

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