5 Expensive Foods That You Can Actually Make at Home

It is okay to eat out or order food from outside once in a while, but if it becomes a habit, you may never know when you become bankrupt. Most of the foods in eateries are foods you can make in your house comfortable and spend less amount of money.

This article discusses the expensive foods you can make at home and save some money.


This food is very costly in most parts of the world. The most difficult part in making a homemade pizza is the dough. You need to know how to prepare the right texture of dough so that you get better results with the ready pizza. Toppings of pizza are easy to make for you can choose to do vegetables with cheese or meat. Vegetables are locally available and so is meat.

You may only need to know how to prepare them and leave them in the oven to cook. If you can’t make the dough, you can order ready-made from stores that is way cheaper compared to the price of a ready one.

Beers and wines

Home brewing may save you a few bucks. You can learn how to ferment your beer and get the same quality you get from the stores at a cheaper price. Home brewing does not need branding and distribution that is why the price goes down. Get good barley and well fermented yeast to make your home beers. It is important to have all the main ingredients in beer in your final product. Do a good research before starting the process of home brewing.


You can manage to make yoghurts at home. Choose a flavor you like and look for ingredients to make your favourite yoghurt. You can choose to ferment the fresh milk, then add your flavours and little sugar. Refrigerate it to get the nice thick yoghurt. Making yoghurts at home reduces the price of packaging and branding and you get the same type of yoghurt you buy from stores with half the price.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is another item that costs a lot of money yet the ingredients used to make them are few. To be able to come up with a good quality homemade peanut butter, you need to know how to roast the peanuts and what peanuts bring out a smooth and sweet butter. You only need a food processor and you will be assured of smooth butter all the time.


Cakes are eaten all the time. During birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and any other occasion, people pass the love by sharing a piece of cake. If you expect many visitors in your house for your birthday event, most people look forward to cake cutting and serving. That is why you need to be able to bake a cake from home.

There is some sweetness that comes with homemade food. You need to be creative when trying to male expensive foods in the house so that you can enjoy your foods even more. It costs a lot to walk in a store and buy foods that strain your pockets or sometimes undercooked or rotten food yet you can make same food at home with less than half the price of the foods bought at cafeterias and other eatery joints.

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