12 Signs You’re A Crazy Cat Person

It’s more common than the common cold, and its symptoms twice as potent. More dangerous yet; those inflicted show no desire to be cured! Do you have crazy cat person syndrome? Take a look at these twelve sure-tell signs. If you find you express more than a few of the symptoms, you might well be a little crazy about cats. If you already know you love cats to the moon and back and have embraced your condition with full acceptance, then use this list to instead judge precisely how severe your affliction.

You have two or more cats

The sad truth is that not everyone who wants a cat is able to home one, no matter how crazy their love for felines. But as for the crazy cat people for whom conditions allow a whiskered pet, won’t just stop at one – not when there are so many gorgeous cats out there to love! Crazy cat people range in pet counts. Sometimes they’ll have three catnip-loving housemates or even as many as five furry friends roaming their home. Probably they’re all adopted from an animal shelter, too. Does that sound like you? And this is of course not even mentioning the dozens of neighbourhood cats that will stop by your place for the treats you leave out on your doorstep.

You spend way too much money on your cats

A sure sign that you’re a crazy cat person is when you spend more time at the local pet shop than your nearest supermarket. You believe that your kitty or kitties deserve nothing but the very best – thereby treating them to premium cat food and luxurious toys on a regular basis. As for grooming, you’ll let your cat indulge in a professional pet grooming salon. Because what’s the point of earning a paycheque, if not to treat your cat to the very best life has to offer?

You have to stroke every cat you see

It doesn’t matter if it means you will miss your bus and arrive late to work (again) – you simply can’t just walk past any cat without giving them a little pet on the head, or a scratch behind the ears. To do so would be truly heartless, and you’d be thinking about that poor cat, who was wondering the street just looking to be stroked, for the rest of your day.

You always remember the names of people’s cats

You may not be good with people’s names or faces, but a kitty’s name is something you’ll never forget. Regardless of how obscure (Horatio, The Great Catsby) or ordinary (Tigger, Felix), you somehow always remember the name of a cat to whom you’ve had the privilege of being introduced. Not only that, but you will frequently inquire about said cat – and genuinely care about what their owner tells you about their kitty’s well-being.

You can’t stop taking pictures of cats

Tubby cats, tiny cats, pretty cats, odd coloured-cats, or cats in unusual places – there’s always something special about the cat that passes your path; something which warrants taking out your phone and snapping a photo for the group chat. Other might roll their eyes when you greet them by taking out your phone and saying “look at this cat I snapped!”, but that won’t stop you from giving every kitty you see their own little photo shoot. After all, you’ll be pleased to have the photos on your phone for a rainy afternoon when you need the memory of a feline encounter to brighten your day.

You’ve got a mental bank stored with fun cat trivia

Did you know that cats sleep an average of fourteen hours a day? Or that a group of cats is called a ‘clowder’? Of course, you did – you’re crazy about cats! And you’d happily share other fun cat facts and feline trivia all day! That is if it hadn’t alienated some friends in the past. But it’s difficult to not talk about cats when they’re so fascinating.

You have an intuitive understanding of cats

From understanding body signals to interpreting vocal intonations, you basically speak cat, and therefore usually know how a cat is feeling, and what they want. It’s a language you were practically born knowing. From instinctively squinting your eyes when a cat looks at you, to holding your hand forwards for a shy kitten to sniff, you act confidently and sympathetically around cats to earn their trust and love.

Your mobile is filled with cat games

Running out of space on your mobile device? Most likely it’s because of your extensive folder of cat pictures, live HD wallpaper of kittens, or any number of cat games, from Neko Atsume Cat Collector to the Kitty Glitter slot. With so many cat-tastic mobile apps, you’re happy to carry a whole world of kittens with you wherever you go. Even if it does mean deleting Snapchat to make space…

There are cats on all your stuff

From the cover of your laptop to the photos on your fridge – cats surround you. There’s the Norwegian Forest cat annual calendar on your wall, the Siamese kitten stickers in your stationery draw, and a tote bag featuring Grumpy Cat. Because, well, pretty much every item in the world is made infinitely better when it features a cat, right? Naturally, this also has the added benefit of communicating to other crazy cat people that you, too, are obsessed with the beautiful animals.

Watching cat videos on YouTube is preferable to Netflix

At the end of the day, Game of Thrones is pretty boring when compared to the simple pleasure of watching a mother cat care for her newborn kittens, or a tabby cat chasing a red laser pen. It doesn’t matter if they’re funny, cute or educational in style – if the video features cats, you’ll want to watch it. This is a fact evidenced by the long list of cat clips in your ‘recommended videos’ sidebar on YouTube. You’d probably even go to the cinema more often if they had more movies about cats.

You feel validated when you make a cat purr

Is there anything purer than making a cat feel safe and happy? The noise of a purring kitty is the most beautiful sound in the world to you, and you feel truly honoured when a cat purrs in your presence. If one happens to be lying on you, softly purring away in their sleep, then you’re just going to have to stay put until they decide to leave on their own accord.

You unapologetically and unconditionally LOVE cats

The most tell-tale sign of all; you absolutely adore cats and you don’t care what anyone else thinks! People may tease you for being crazy about kitties, but you’d adopt every cat in the world if you could. Let people call you crazy. The more your life revolves around cats, the happier you are.

Relate to any of the above? Then it’s probably safe to say you might be a crazy cat person. Who cares? Don’t change a thing – you’re purr-fect the way you are…just like every cat in the world!

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