UNDONE Peanuts Watch Collection: Unique and Customizable Watches

When you have a unique and customized watch, like the Peanuts watch collection by UNDONE, you feel like you have an individual possession that belongs only to you. In a world of smartphones and gadgets, the humble wristwatch may seem like it’s going out of style, but surprisingly, it’s not.

During World War 1, soldiers were tired of searching for their pocket watches during the battle, so they started wearing it on their hand like a bracelet. The wristwatch quickly became a popular trend for the public, and eventually, made the pocket watch obsolete.

The wristwatch got its mass appeal due to its convenience and functionality. Now, companies have introduced various ways of personalizing wristwatches that will suit anyone based on their needs and preferences. From removable bands to engraving messages on the back, unique and customized watches are all the rage currently. If you want to customize a watch with some graphics, you can check out the Peanuts watch collection from UNDONE. The Peanuts collection is in collaboration with UNDONE, and it’s currently available on their website.

The beloved comic strip can now be worn on your wrist. Whether you grew up reading the popular comic strips or indulged in the ever popular Christmas movie “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” you know that the whimsical characters and deep storylines have a charming impact on the audience. Charlie Brown as the “lovable loser” in his trademark zig-zag shirt, his over imaginative beagle Snoopy, and the rest of the Peanuts gang are all part of the Urban ‘One World’ chronograph collection of watches. UNDONE launched this collaboration exclusively on their site featuring all your favorite characters from the gang; including Lucy, Linus, Sally, Schroeder and of course, Snoopy’s best friend, Woodstock.

This colorful collection is a celebration of individuality and friendship. Each watch is customizable, and you can change the dial, strap, and case color to suit your preference. You can also gain access to all these features while sporting your favorite Peanuts character.

UNDONE has successfully created a set of customizable wristwatches that are based on the Peanuts franchise. You can choose the design and color combination that best suits your personality. You can select the character who will be on the face of your watch; from the adorable Snoopy to feisty Lucy, you can choose from eleven various dial colors. You can change the colors as well, from rose gold to jet black whenever you want. You can also change the texture and color of the strap too. The straps are 20mmn wide, and you can choose from six variants of colors. Some of the strap choices include Caviar, Rally, Calf, Alligator Print, Cordura, and Perion. With the variety of straps and dials, you can create a custom combination that is exclusive and reflects your style.

The collaboration between Peanuts and UNDONE came to life as a tribute to the legendary cartoonist Charles M Schultz and his life’s work. The customizable collection showcases your favorite Peanuts characters in solo depictions, and more than eighty paired combinations that celebrate diversity and togetherness. These watches put the “fun” in functional, and you can pick the character that you relate to the most and include them in your customized watch. You can create a custom watch that has the iconic duo Charlie Brown and Snoopy, or Charlie Brown and the tomboyish Peppermint Patty, the choice is yours. With UNDONE’s latest collaboration of unique and personalized watches, you and your loved one can have a piece of the popular cartoon characters with you wherever you go.

The Peanuts watch collection includes all the characters from the comic series, and each one has a unique personality. Whether it’s the manager of the world’s worst baseball team- Charlie Brown, or his confident and hip dog that loves to daydream about his travels to the moon; you’ll find the best watch for your favorite character. Even if you don’t want Charlie or Snoopy, you can select the bossy and moody Lucy who is always brimming with advice, or blanket clutching philosopher Linus, Charlie’s baby sister the inquisitive Sally, and musical genius Schroeder. Don’t worry, UNDONE hasn’t forgotten about the dust cloud loving Pig Pen, or Franklin, or Marcie; the collection has ensured that all your favorite characters are included.

Not only do the watches look good, but they are also of high quality. The watches include meca-quartz Seiko hybrid that also features a sixty-minute chronograph and a quartz timing module. These features will guarantee that you obtain the best of both worlds. The watches that are part of the collection represent heritage, precision, a

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