Top Tips To Find The Perfect Prom Dress For Your Body Type

The prom is a big deal. It marks the end of your official schooling and the last time you will see many of the people that you have spent years with. It’s little wonder that you want to look your best on the night. After all, this is your chance to have fun and make a great last impression.

There are many things to think about when choosing the perfect prom dress that you can check out here. Colour and style are important. But the most important and often overlooked factor is which prom dress suits your body type.

Body Type

Body type is simply a way of describing the curves of your body. While every body is different, you will fall into one of the following general categories:


The apple is one of the most common body types. It happens when you have a wide torso and there is no distinctive waistline. Your shoulders will usually be wider than your hips.

If this is your body type you’ll want to choose a darker-coloured dress and select one that goes right to the floor with a low neckline. This helps slim your body and defines your waistline. The style of the dress and a belt can help define your waist even further.


People with a pear body type have wider hips than shoulders or bust. The advantage of this body type is that you already have a well-defined waist. The best dresses for these body types are those that emphasise your arms and shoulders. Off-the-shoulder numbers are great, especially when paired with a flowing lower section.

In fact, the pear body shape is particularly good if you want to wear a classic ball gown.


Petite doesn’t mean skinny as it refers to the height of the person. Any woman under 5ft 3in can be described as petite.

If this is you then you’ll want to choose a shorter prom dress with a V neckline and asymmetrical hemline. It will make you look taller.


People with slender body types will have long arms and legs and be generally lean. This can also be described as a rectangular body shape. The best dress for this type is belted or one that emphasises the legs more, such as a mermaid sheath.


The triangle figure has a large bust and shoulders with a smaller waist and hips. You’ll want a dress that accentuates your bust, ideally strapless or with thin straps at the top. It’s also a good idea to opt for longer dresses as they pull more attention to your lower half, helping to balance the look of your body.


The hourglass figure is the one most evoked in movies and cartoons. It’s the” type that most women want but few actually have. If you have an hourglass figure then your body will have shoulders and hips that are roughly the same size and your waist will be visibly smaller.

If you have this body type then you can wear almost any type of dress. But, your figure will be well presented in fitted dresses or those with belts that are fitted at the top. You can also embrace any type of neckline you like.

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