Shoe Trends to Avoid in SS 2001

Here are ten outdated and most irrelevant pairs of shoes that definitely have no place in a summer wardrobe (check yourself). In the summer, we often want to update our wardrobe and try on the brightest and most colorful novelties. At the same time, it is important to remember that shoes play a key role in a harmonious and holistic look. Today we live in the time of conscious consumption, so before buying a new pair, it is important to know which models are already hopelessly outdated and what should not clutter up the space in your wardrobe. Here are shoe trends to avoid this Summer.

Gladiator sandals

Roman sandals with an abundance of straps and ties do not emphasize the grace and beauty of women’s legs at all. If you want to look feminine and modern, it is better to choose leather slippers on a flat run or with a small heel instead of gladiators.

Perforation and denim

Perhaps perforation is an excellent solution for a hot summer, but alas, such shoes became irrevocably outdated a long time ago. Flip-flops, sandals or perforated boots will make even the most relevant outfit fail.

The same applies to shoes made from denim – this is a deliberately hopeless option. Therefore, if you forgot to get rid of such shoes a few years ago, now is the time to do it and buy yourself, open models, in a discreet style, but in a bright color.

Shoes with fur

Mules, slippers, sandals or shoes with fur – this trend has already been noticed on urban streets and in fashion blogs. Today, walking in such shoes (it does not matter, with natural or faux fur) is considered a poor taste.

It is better to replace them with simpler and more practical models, but if you still want active decor, then pay attention to shoes with trendy chains.

Fringe shoes

Following fur slippers, fringe shoes are also a thing of the past. In clothes, this detail is not even fully disclosed, but in shoes and accessories, unfortunately, the fringe has become completely obsolete. As a decoration on shoes, it is better to pay attention to beautiful buckles, chains, or ties.

Chunky sandals on a tractor platform or with wide straps

No matter what you put on and wherever you go, such sandals will drag the whole look to the side of obsolescence and bad taste. In addition to being irrelevant, they are also very heavy – the legs will quickly get tired, and this will affect the fatigue of the whole body. Choose the most elegant and weightless designs with thin straps to look light and relaxed.

Rough sandals with massive wide straps also take too much attention and look boring and old-fashioned in the modern world.

Wedge sandals

No one will argue that a wedge heel is very convenient, but the boundless imagination of manufacturers has led to the fact that a wedge heel is used on all acceptable and unacceptable shoes – for example, on sneakers, espadrilles, or trainers.

This has led to the fact that today it is almost impossible to find beautiful and appropriate wedge-heeled shoes, and this automatically makes them the anti-trend of the summer. It is best to replace sandals or wedge-heeled shoes with shoes on stable heels.

High-heeled and platform strip shoes

Such shoes have long been considered vulgar and outdated, but many women still believe that only with their help can they visually lengthen their legs.

Open toe shoes

For a long time, such shoes were considered a sign of sophisticated style and elegance. But fashion trends are changing rapidly, and today this shoe model will make the entire look one anti-trend from the 2000s. In addition, every girl who has worn open-toe pumps will note their merciless inconvenience. For the classic style of clothing, it is better to choose closed pumps with low heels.

Sandals with an abundance of decor

Paradoxically, the abundance of decor will not make shoes better and more beautiful. Moderation and simplicity are popular in fashion now. Therefore, you should avoid active decorations on shoes in the form of all kinds of bows, beads, rhinestones, appliques, rivets, lace, flowers and everything else.

Transparent shoes and transparent heels

There was a period when such shoes were considered trendy and original, but today translucent plastic or oilcloth does not meet environmental requirements at all, and besides the fact that they are uncomfortable for the foot, they also look unaesthetic – hardly anyone is pleased to look at the skin and toes crumpled under the oilcloth. Therefore, it is better to give preference to materials that are more natural and comfortable for the body.

Everyone is also pretty fed up with the transparent heel, so these shoes do not cause any emotions. However, if you want to make a non-standard accent in shoes, all kinds of options for shaped and architectural heels are trendy today.

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