Paris Fashion Week – Lanvin

Critics are trying to classify all fashion designers as pessimists and optimists. But Albert Elbaz is definitely a realist. He says he always sincerely tries to understand what women need to get out of fashion – dresses, pants suits, blouses, coats. We don’t go to parties and high profile dinners every day.

Lanvin Black Dress with Fur

So was Albert Elbaz’ collection – realistic. Chic yet formal dresses and pants suits from Lanvin evoked 40-s rather than 80-s. In his endeavor to make women happy Elbaz thoughtfully married formal style with jewelry accessories and even sparkles.

Lanvin Earings and Hair Accessories

His collection is another evidence that fashion goes in cycles. And maybe today’s fashion crazes will revive in next generations. While investment assets are shaky now, works of art created by Albert Elbaz have eternal value.

Lanvin Black Jacket with Fur Collar

Lanvin Beige Dress

Lanvin Balck Mini Dress with Necklace

Lanvin Black Shoes

Lanvin Black Pencil Dress

Lanvin Gloves and Bracelet

Lanvin Red Dress

Lanvin Crocodile Handbag

Lanvin Long Black Dress

Lanvin Booties

Lanvin Grey Dress

Lanvin Handbag

Lanvin Laquered Shoes

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